Fashion According To Your Sun Sign

Fashion According To Your Sun Sign Most of us turn pages of the newspaper for one page and that’s your horoscopes. We check our daily, weekly and monthly predictions. While some are very serious about doing things according to their sun signs, there are people who though are not very serious but do read just out of curiosity and interest. Well, do you know what your stars say about what you should wear? If you wear accordingly, it may turn out to be lucky for you.

When you go for parties, functions and even when you are at work; choosing your fashion attire according to your stars may bestow your positive energies.

Have you ever noticed big celebrities, they often wear accessories and attires according to what their sun signs say will be lucky for them. This is what Astro fashion is all about. Each zodiac sign has its own sense and style.

Dressing up accordingly can help changing your presence among the crowd. It may charm your personality and affect reactions of people you meet and talk. Moreover, it can help in making you feel relaxed and motivated in life.

One more advantage of knowing astro fashion; one can give presents or gifts to our friends and relatives according to their sun signs. So check what the sun sign has in store for your fashion statement:

How to Dress According to Your Sun Sign

Aries (Born between 21March- 20April)

A ram is the zodiac sign and its symbol is of a long face and two thorns. Being a symbol of boldness, daring and energetic attitude; red, black and white are best for Aries.

Summer season would be the best for you as in accordance with your fashion prediction. Try to involve these colors while choosing your outfits during shopping.

Fashion According To Your Sun Sign

As the sign is more focused to the head and face, Aries people should try to concentrate on the upper portion of their bodies. Accessorize yourself with hats, necklace, earrings and other hair fashionable accessories.

Being associated with daring zodiac, do not hesitate to try new styles. Enjoy wearing bright red tops with black jeans, black and white heels or white top with black hair band and accessorize yourself with blue-black jewellery.

Do go for casual wears and sporty stuff also. On the whole, an Aries person should wear bright, casual, sporty and fashionable accessory. Famous Bollywood celebrities like Laara Dutta, Rani Mukherjee also belong to Aries.

Taurus (Born between 21april-20May)

The second zodiac sign, Taurus has a sign of bull with focus on neck and throat. Women with Taurus as the zodiac sign should wear green color. Brown and sometimes white also suite them.

They should concentrate on their neck and wear accessories like necklaces and chains. Taurians prefer wearing dresses from good designers.

Taurian people want to wear the best and they leave no stone unturned searching and waiting for the right one. Heavy dresses with embroideries are good for them to wear but at the same time simple dresses made of cotton and wool also look great. Dark green, brown colored dresses should be preferred by them. The sensational Madhuri Dixit and Anushka Sharma lie under this category.

Gemini (Born between 21May-21June)

The sign of Gemini, twins, should wear light blue and white. Generally speaking, Gemini people don’t spend much on buying expensive dresses. Wearing bracelets, gloves and rings are common for them. They also like to carry handbags or purses. Pure cotton is very suitable for them. Colorful dresses look adorable on them.

They don’t follow a specific fashionable trend and can wear any style at any time. It’s good that they look beautiful even in different styles of fashion. Simple make-up and hairstyle make them look sober. The stylish Sonam Kapoor, Shilpa shetty and Sonakshi Sinha belong to Gemini group.

Cancer(Born between 22June-22July)

In astrology, Cancer rules chests, stomach, elbow and womb. People with Cancer as the zodiac sign are moody; they choose colors and dresses depending on their moods. They wear blue when sad and choose orange when cheerful. Their lucky color to wear is white and silver. They like to wear soft fabric clothes and are somehow emotional for their clothes.

Fashion According To Your Sun Sign

Loose dresses are best for them according to their personalities as they try to hide themselves behind clothes. They are fond of comfortable attires. Long necklaces and chains are good for them. The stunning Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra fall under Cancer sun sign.

Leo (Born between 23July-22Aug)

Like their zodiac sign, Leos are bold and dress up to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd. So, sparkly clothes are best for them. Orange and gold are best for them to wear. For those women who go out for work, suits are preferable.

Backless dresses are the most preferable for them as the zodiac sign Leo rules over the back. They like to wear expensive clothing and prefer attractive things painted on their outfits. Beautiful Manisha Koirala and Kajol belong to Leos.

Virgo (Born between 23Sept-22Oct)

The goddess of innocence, Virgo rules over stomach and do have that innocence related to fashion stuff also. These people should try natural colors. Grey, white and light brown or light yellow colored dresses are best for them. According to their nature, Virgo people choose clothes that can go on for lifetime.

Most importantly, they have an eye to keep their clothes neat and clean. They like to present themselves more rather than wearing something extraordinary. As an advice, they should not try something sparkly for the purpose to show off. Charming Kareena Kapoor and Mahima Chowdhary belong to virgo.

Libra (Born between 23Sept-23Oct)

Libra, the goddess of justice rules over lower back. As the symbol depicts balance, they are well-balanced in fashion sense also. Their make-up is appropriate, hair style is adorable and the accessories they wear are also matching to their outfits.

Fashion According To Your Sun Sign

They like to wear attractive clothes and take a long time in deciding where to buy and what to buy. Blue and green are the colors best for them. They are the perfectly dressed up people. The all time fashion diva and beauty queen, Rekha belongs to Libra sign.

Scorpio (Born between 24Oct-21Nov)

They have a great sense of fashion. When they opt to be fashionable to the maximum extent one day, the other day they are found to be very simple. Red and black are best for them. They know what dress will suit them for their success and achievement.

Their dressing sense is one of the factors behind their success as it bestows their powerful personalities. High heels and sunglasses are their favorites and they like to wear luxurious clothes. Remarkable beauties like Aishwariya Rai, Sushmita Sen and Raveena Tondon lie in this group.

Sagittarius (Born between 22Nov-21Dec)

The archer as the zodiac symbol, Sagittarius should wear purple, violet, pink, blue and bright colors. Clothes according to the latest fashion attract them. They have plenty of colors to choose from. They like to wear comfortable clothes though may be loose in fittings.

They love to wear shorts, sports shoes etc. Navy blue color is best for them. They like to experiment with different styles and trends. The sweet and marvelous Diya Mirza belongs to this sign.

Capricorn (Born between 22Dec-19Jan)

Seagoat is the zodiac symbol associated with this sign. Bold colors like black, brown, grey should be selected by them for their outfits. They don’t care about fashion stuff and are much a geek. But wearing bold colors can add a spark in their looks. They are wise in terms of spending money for their outfits.

Fashion According To Your Sun Sign

Simple hairstyle works best for them. They like to get along very well with accessories like handbags, wallet, briefcases etc but they prefer traditional clothes. The beauty divas like Deepika Padukone and Sonali Bendre are Capricorns.

Aquarius (Born between 20Jan-18Feb)

A water carrier is the zodiac symbol. It rules over ankles. They like to dress up professionally. Blue, green and black are best for them. They like to wear classic dresses and won’t mind to wear if it’s not in fashion. They like to be different in their looks among others. They should prefer short skirts. Beautiful Preity Zinta and Urmila Matondkar lie in this category.

Pisces (Born between 19Feb-20March)

Violet, sea green and purple are best to wear. They are not trendy about fashion stuff but have their own tastes while dressing up. Non-traditional accessories are liked by them to wear.

Clothes with stone embroidery but simple in looks attract them. They love to have a huge collection of their shoes. The beautiful actress, Pooja Bhatt belongs to pisces.