Fantastic 5 Home Remedies For Common Cold

Home Remedies For Common Cold As the very name signifies “Common Cold” is one of the common health problems around the globe caused by viral infection. Common cold comes along with sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, throat pain, cough, fever, headache, pain in the body muscles or some other irritating symptoms.

Researchers showed that when a women catches a cold, she is actually attacked by more than 200 infectious virus among which rhino virus plays the important role. Though a stronger immunity system of the body tries to keep off the cold but it occurs by such great number of viruses that sometimes it becomes tough for the body to prevent them all at once.

However, we should not ignore common cold as it is not a serious health issue. Because it not only interfere in your daily activities but also it could pave the way for some serious problems as pneumonia, bronchitis or so on. Hence they are some age old home remedies which not only treat common cold effectively but also in less expense. Do you want to know them? Just Scroll down.

Home Remedies For Common Cold


Honey is a natural wonder and it has enormous health benefits including curing common cold. You can use honey in several ways to treat problem. The most common remedy is to take some lukewarm water in a cup now add lemon juice from ½ of a lemon and 1 tablespoon of honey and drink it.


While the lemon juice will provide vitamin c which eliminates the harmful toxins from the body, the honey will soothe your sore throat along with that will kill the bacteria which cause cold. If you want you can even intake 1 tablespoon of organic honey every day to cure cold.


Drinking plenty of water can be the easiest and simplest remedy to get rid of common cold. It not only helps to drive away the damaging toxins from the body but also moisten your sore throat.

Atleast 8/10 glasses of water intake essential for the proper functioning of the body and also strengthening the immune system. Apart from water you can also opt for organic fruit juice, green or herbal teas etc.


Though garlic is a common kitchen ingredient can be immensely helpful in healing the common cold. As garlic is enriched by high level of anti-septic agents it not only strengthens your immune system but also cleans the blocked respiratory channel. Moreover it even helps to drive away the toxins from the body.

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To prepare the remedy you need to boil few garlic cloves in some water. When it will turned lukewarm blend 1 teaspoon of honey with it and drink it thrice. You can also mix couple of drops of garlic oil with your food or if you bear the taste, eating 2 or 3 garlic cloves can also turn out to be an effective remedy.


Like garlic, ginger is also another popular yet easy home remedy for treating common cold. You can utilize ginger in many ways to heal the problem. A simple ginger remedy can be ginger tea, which you can intake twice or thrice day.

On the other hand you can crush come amount of ginger to form a paste, now mix cloves and little amount of salt with it and blend it well. You can intake it twice a day to get rid of the cold. Apart from this eating organic ginger is also a great way to cure common cold.

Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

Amazing but true, your favouritte chicken soup can save you from common cold. As it preserves aa great amount of nutrient, antioxidants and vitamins it works miraculously to strengthen the immunity system as well curing the cold.