Eyeliner Pencils for Easy Makeup

Eyeliner Pencils Makeup Eye makeup helps in accentuating and beautifying our eyes. One of the important elements of eye makeup is eyeliners. They define the eyes and give them a beautiful shape. Eyeliner pencils are an easy way of lining one’s eyes.

They are easy to use and are available in a host of colors including vibrant colors like indigo, forest green, blues along with natural colors like brown and black. The creamy eyeliner pencils not only jazz up your eyes in seconds but also stay on for a long time. You can use them alone or team them with your eyeshadows for a beautiful eye makeup. Here is how you can use eyeliners for easy makeup.

How to Apply Eyeliner Pencil

Choose the Eyeliner

There are many cosmetic brands that have numerous types of eyeliner pencils in their product line. They are available in a range of colors from blacks and browns to dramatic greens and blues. Some of these pencils have shimmer and glitter as well to brighten one’s eyes. The creamy eyeliners can also be smudged for a smoky look.

Choose the Eyeliner

Choose the color based on your eye color. If you have dark black or brown eyes, then forest green and black will look good on you. For blue eyes opt for gold, silver and charcoal colored eyeliner pencils. Eyeliner pencils are can either be sharpened or are available as retractable variant. If your eyeliner pencil needs to be sharpened then make sure you do so before using it on the eyes.

Apply the Eyeliner

If you are applying any other eye makeup before using the eyeliner pencil then do so before using the eye pencil. To apply the eyeliner, rest your elbow on the table while holding the eyeliner pencil. Tilt your head slightly back and keep you eyes half open.

Apply the Eyeliner

Using your fingers pull your eyelids towards the side and then draw a line staring from the inner corners to the outer corner on the lash line. Make sure that the line is closer to the lashes so that it creates an illusion of thicker eyelashes. If you cannot draw a single line in one stroke then use short strokes to apply the liner.

Line the Lower Lids

Line the lower lash line starting from the outside to the inner corners. Follow the natural shape of your eyes as you do so. It is important to choose the right eye pencil when using it on the lower lash line as too many chemicals in the pencil can irritate the eyes. If you want to intensify the color then you can repeat the strokes. Use a cotton swab to wipe out any mistakes that you may have made while applying the liner.

Pencils Eyeliner

Finish off by applying mascara to the lashes. Eyeliner pencils are a great alternative to liquid liners as they can be used by beginners without any mess. They can be used for cat eyes makeup or for creating a soft smudged look. Check for a few samples before zeroing in on the liner you want. Ideally a soft, creamy pencil that glides on the lids easily and is smudge proof should work the best for you.