Eyebrow Trends According To The Face Shape

Eyebrow Trends According To The Face Shape

Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features. It can affect the appearance of face to a large extent. The best part about eyebrows is that we can change their shape according to our face and latest trends. However the liberty to alter the eyebrow shapes does come with a handbook of rules. According to Joey Healy, the eyebrow specialist, first of all, the head of the brow should start at the bridge of nose. If you hold a pencil up to either side of your brow, you will find this point. Secondly, the arch of the eyebrows should be two-thirds of the way out. Arching the eyebrow at the centre gives it a rainbow shape which is a big no.

Thirdly, eyebrows should never be cut short. The tail should end on an imaginary line from eye’s corner to the nose’s corner. However the tail can be extended but should not be lowered. He suggests not to use magnifying mirror while doing your own brows as this will make the person lose perspective and it could result in over done eyebrows. Healy also shares that eyebrows should be on the brow bone. Shaping an eyebrow according to face shape means playing against the angles of the face. A rounder face would need a straighter brow, while a super angular face would require a softer, rounder brow.

Here Are Some Latest Trends In Eyebrows According To Face Shape:

1. Elongated Slim Eyebrows For A Long Face

Long face beauties have their facial features distributed along the length of their face. To even this effect out, their eyebrows need to be extended horizontally. The eyebrows need to be thin and with well tailored slim edges to add overall width to the face.

2. Angular Eyebrows For An Oval Shaped Face

Dimensionally, these face shapes are believed to be perfect due to placement of facial features at perfect positions. The eyebrows for this face shape need to angled, to match the dimensional placement. The eyebrows that go straight up and gently curves round along the down-hill as it approached the edge.

3. Round Eyebrows For A Square Shaped Face

For a square face the focus falls on widened jawline. It needs a strong eyebrow that will soften the heavy jaw effect. A round shaped eyebrow that is softly curved along the length as it approaches the end, is perfect for this face shape.

4. Arched Eyebrows For A Round Shaped Face

For a round face the facial features are more horizontally aligned. Due to this the face appears monotonous and dull. To accentuate the facial features for beauties with a round shaped face, the angular eyebrows can work it out. A high arched eyebrow that moves straight till the peak and falls downhill with an angle, as it approaches the end. This arched or angular eyebrow will highlight the facial features above the face shape.

Arched Eyebrows For A Round Shaped Face

5. Soft Arched Eyebrows For A Heart Shaped Face

Heart shaped faces are focused upon the upper face .to divert the focus to the whole face, the eyebrows need to be well tailored and softly curved. Adding angles or thinning the eyebrow more than required, might give unpleasant results. A soft arched eyebrow will make the face look more attractive.

6. Curved Eyebrows For A Diamond Shaped Face

The diamond shaped faces are wider in the upper area. To balance out the width, a curved eyebrow is required. The curves of the eyebrow will soften the width along the upper part and give a more balanced effect.