Exquisite Women Shoes For Every Occasion

Exquisite Women Shoes For Every Occasion Shoes are every woman’s first love. Actually, shoes are something which women completely love more than anything else. There are innumerable women who have a shoe collection – one for every occasion. Since life is full of occasions – marriage, dates, birthdays, hanging out with friends, office parties or just clubbing with friends. You cannot wear the same shoes everywhere as every occasion demands a different type of shoe.

There are so many types of shoes in this world that maybe you will not be able to count. If you are someone who wants to update her shoe collection, you might just want to check the list of perfect women shoes for every occasion.

Types of Shoes for Women

Formal Shoes for Formal Events

The way ‘formal’ sounds can be really boring but it isn’t that boring when it comes to formal shoe collection. Formal shoes can be sexy too and you can look great at work as well. Since women need to wear formals like trousers, pencil skirts and a formal shirt – nice black heels look great for formal wear.

Exquisite Women Shoes For Every Occasion

You can also go for small heels since you need to work all day and walking can be uncomfortable with high heels. The heels should be small and pointed and should cover little part of the sides of the feet. Why Black? Black is one color which goes with every other color.

Also, it will never run out of style. Pinks and oranges may come and go, but black will always be in fashion. Why not catch your boss’s or the cutie’s attention at your office? Look great in small pointed black heels!

Boots Look Sexy Always

For those who think that boots are just for winters are absolutely wrong. Boots look great in every season except the super-hot days when your skin is burning. These days you find various types of boots which are very versatile and can be great for every occasion.

You can wear tall boots for shopping or dates or even for movies and dinners. If you want to wear boots for formal occasions, you can do that too. You will find a lot of options in the arcade when it comes to formal boots who will look good for official trips and business parties.

Boots can be simple or you will also find accessories on the boots too like bows, glitter, fur and chains. Every woman needs to have at least two pair of boots in her shoe collection without fail.

Ballet Shoes are ‘IN’

Ballet shoes look really trendy in summers as well as winters. They are very casual and stylish and you can pair them up with jeans and a tee. You will see a lot of young girls wearing ballet shoes in college. It is a popular choice among college girls.

Exquisite Women Shoes For Every Occasion

Ballet shoes are available in various colors – you will find ballet shoes in almost every color in this world. You will find plenty of ballet shoes in a young girl’s wardrobe just because they look so versatile with every outfit. It could be a dress, a frock or simple and casual jeans – ballet shoes look great with anything and everything.

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Stilettoes are a Must!

Stilettoes are a must in every woman’s shoe collection. There are various women who have a huge collection of stilettoes because of the feminine and sexy look. The stilettoes are high heeled shoes which are great for formal and sophisticated occasions like business parties, wedding or the most-awaited date.

Stilettoes look great on every woman, especially tall woman who can flaunt their long legs. Stilettoes are best suited with pencil skirts and fitted dresses. There is nothing to think, you definitely need to have at least two or three pair of stilettoes in your new shoe collection.

Pumps – Always in Style

The list is not over yet because pumps are a must in your shoe collection. Pumps are the hottest thing happened to the fashion industry. Pumps look great for parties and other occasions such as a date with a hottie. If you are short in heights, do not go for high heels because they will not look too good.

Exquisite Women Shoes For Every Occasion

If short, you should go for 3 inches and nothing more than that. If you are of medium height, you should stick to 4 inches heels. You can find pumps in really pretty colors like vibrant red, orange, royal blue or just classy black.

So, update your shoe collection today and make other girls turn red by seeing your sexy shoe collection. Don’t forget to add a lot of color to your collection since every occasion is special and should be happy and colorful.