Essential Hair Oils For Hairs

Hair Oils For Hairs Is there anyone who doesn’t like to have thick, long and healthy looking hair? The answer is no. Hair definitely adds to the beauty of the person and hence a lot of effort and care is needed on the part of an individual to maintain their tresses. Factors like diet, lifestyle, environmental factors, genetics and many other reasons certainly affect the quality of hair, leading to hair problems like dandruff, other scalp infections, thin hair and also loss of hair.

Many people resort to different hair treatments, often with very less results. As it is said prevention is better than cure, taking steps to retain the health of our hair should be taken right from childhood. The first step in this direction is regular oiling of hair which will make hair strong and thick. This is an age old belief which has been followed by our ancestors as well. While some oil is naturally present in the scalp, it is still important to oil the hair regularly which is considered to be food for the hair.

Top 4 Hair Oils

Baby Hair Oil

Babies have a tender skin and scalp. Hence extreme care should be taken to massage their head with an oil especially meant for babies.

Baby Hair Oil

The Johnson’s hair oil is one such oil which is supposed to be gentle and will surely make the baby smile each time their head is massaged with this oil.

Coconut Oil

Well, this is the most common and widely used hair oil. Coconut oil, especially the one from Parachute and Vatika is said to grow the hair much longer than expected. It also ensures that the hair roots become strong, hence preventing hair loss. Apart from this some other benefits of using coconut oil is that it ensures lesser split ends, has moisturizing properties and also fights problems like lice which may infest the scalp.

Tip: Gently massage the head with coconut oil, leaving it overnight. Wash your hair thoroughly with your favorite shampoo and see your hair shining through. Keep in mind to wash the hair nicely or else the oil may be left behind clogging the pores of the scalp. Also try the same by heating the oil and then applying to get better results.

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Herbal Hair Oil

Some people whether men or women like to choose a herbal hair oil for their hair as they believe that using the most natural ingredients will truly do good to their hair. Amla hair oil especially the one from Dabur is one such hair oil.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Amla is said to improve the roots of the hair, makes it stronger and nourishes the scalp. Apart from this jojoba, lavender, rosemary and peppermint hair oil are the other important herbal hair oils.

Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

Dandruff is a common condition that damages the hair also causing hair loss. Certain hair oils like the one from Himalaya are specially formulated to prevent dandruff and hair fall.

Tip: Massage the scalp in circular movements so that the oil is fully absorbed into the scalp. Leave it  for around an hour and wash it off with a similar anti dandruff shampoo. So, choosing the right hair oil based on the hair texture along with using the right shampoo, hair products and maintaining a good diet and lifestyle will indeed go a long way to give you the luscious hair you have always wished for.