Effective Tips To Apply Makeup Highlighter On Face

Every woman loves to a have an attractive glowing skin. However, not everyone is naturally blessed with a radiant skin or perfect facial features. But, this should not stop any woman from looking her best. The makeup highlighter comes as a handy tool for correcting your flaws and emphasizing your positive features like never before.

Tips To Apply Makeup Highlighter On Face

An efficient highlighter can completely change your appearance by giving you a face lift within few minutes. It has become a rage in different parts of the globe and its magic has been put to good use by actors, professional models and common masses alike.

If you keep a highlighter in your makeup bag, you should say goodbye to all complaints regarding a large forehead, double chin, low cheekbones or a wide nose.

It will also add an instant glow to your face and make you look like the quintessential diva of your dreams. If you are wondering how to master the correct technique of applying highlighter on your face, you have to continue reading to know about the exciting uses of this wonder product.

Effective Tips To Apply Makeup Highlighter On Face

Get the Most Suitable Highlighter For Your Face

When you will go to purchase a makeup highlighter, you would be spoilt for choice. There are many makeup highlighters available in the market which comes in a variety of forms. The powder highlighter, stick highlighter and gel highlighter are among the most popular ones.

Some highlighters even come with glitter particles to lend a bright, shiny appearance to the face. You can also choose from a plethora of shades matching the requirements of your skin.

Even Out Your Skin Tone

Before applying highlighter, cleanse your face properly and apply a light moisturiser. Take a foundation matching your skin and apply it on your face and neck. This will even out all imperfections and flaws. Now, comes the time of applying the makeup highlighter.

Tips To Apply Makeup Highlighter On Face

Concentrate on the areas that need to be accentuated. Use a large brush specially formulated for applying powder. This is the most vital tool for applying highlighter without any hassles.

Using Highlighter On The Forehead

The most important rule of using a highlighter is to keep it to a minimum. You surely do not want to look made up! Always apply the highlighter with a light hand to gain optimal results. The goal is to create a soft and subtle look whilst giving a lift to your features.

If you have issues with a low forehead, you should swipe some highlighter on the brush and apply it from the outer corner of the left eyebrow to the outer corner of the right eyebrow.

If you have a large forehead you can make it appear narrow and smaller by using a darker shade of highlighter just beneath your temple region and on top your eyelids extending up to the highest area of the nose.

Highlighting The Nose And Lips

There is no other better product than a highlighter to give your nose the desired shape. Apply a light shade of highlighter on the middle area of your nose and use a dark shade on both sides of the nose.

This will give a sharp, chiselled and narrow look to an otherwise wide nose. To get a sensuous pout with fuller lips, apply little amounts of golden or silver highlighter on the centre of the upper and lower lips.

Applying Highlighter On The Cheeks

To define your cheekbones and make them appear gorgeous, you should apply a light shade of highlighter on the topmost area of the cheekbones. Blend the highlighter gently towards the hairline to create the impression of high cheekbones that are always in style. After you finish highlighting, set your makeup with translucent powder to help you look fresh and bright all day!

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