Effective Skin Care Tips For Black Women

Effective Skin Care Tips For Black Women An increased amount of the pigment melanin is present in people with black skin (Native Australians, Caribbean’s, people from Africa, African-Americans have darker skin as compared to northern European people). Melanin guards the skin from the sunlight and slows down the process of aging. This is the reason why people with black skin look younger than those with lighter skin.

However, as they age irregular pigmentation is seen, which shows up as patches. Inflammation may also be the reason for this pigmentation.

The secret to dark or black skin beauty regimen is to know the various kinds of undertones found in such skin. Different skin products suit different types of skin. Learning about various products that work best for your skin is the initial step towards skin care regimen.

Tips to Attain Healthy and Beautiful Skin

The skin care regimen can be divided into following sections:

Skin Cleansing

To maintain a glowing complexion and to remove the makeup, oil and dirt, it is necessary to clean your face regularly twice a day. Before the bedtime and in the morning is the right time for this.

Effective Skin Care Tips For Black Women

You need to make sure that the facial cleanser is well-suited to your skin type (normal, combination, dry and oily). Try not to use hot water, while cleansing your face, as it dries the skin.

Oil-free cleansers are recommended for oily skin and moisturizing cleansers for dry skin. Avoid abrasive cleansing products or cleansers, as they irritates the skin.

Skin Moisturizing

Moisturizing is an important step to safeguard your skin. Oil free and water based moisturizers are perfect for oily skin. Use products that contain rich vitamins, as they promote healthy looking skin. It is recommended to apply vitamins topically in the form of moisturizers rather than consuming them orally.

Skin Exfoliation

Exfoliating is useful for any kind of skin type, especially for those with oily skin. Getting rid of the dead skin cells, which block the pores, is essential to promote healthy skin.

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Skin Impurities

Black skin needs more attention, especially during summer, when the sun rays are harsher. If you notice any changes in the skin like lumps, sours, spots or discoloring, you need to consult a dermatologist without delay.


As your diet and lifestyle plays a major role in your skin condition, it is important to pay attention to your nourishment. Proper diet improves your skin appearance and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines.

Effective Skin Care Tips For Black Women

A diet that is rich in fats  with very little or no vegetables and fruits are terrible for your skin. Also, alcohol dehydrates your skin and makes it dull and dry.

Sunscreen Tips

Apply the sunscreen generously on your hands, neck and face. It must be applied at least 20 minutes before setting out in sunlight. Always choose the sunscreen products that suit you.

Women with dark skin must use the sunscreen daily. After swimming or exercise reapply the sunscreen again. Make sure that you do not use the product after the expiry date.

Your dark skin can be taken care, by nurturing it in a right way. Always use, highest quality moisturizers, toners, cleansers, soaps, anti-aging products, astringents and anti-acne agents.