Effective Laser Facial Treatment For Scars

Effective Laser Facial Treatment For Scars Our body is blessed with five sensory organs to help us with various bodily functions. Skin is not only the largest sensory organ but is also susceptible to maximum exposure, injuries and harm which can leave scarring on the skin which may or may not heal over time.

The scars left on face can be very daunting when it comes to physical appearance and hampering the confidence of the person. With technology surging new heights every day, it’s very easy to treat scars from surgery, injury, accidents, acne or any other kind. Given below are some of the laser treatments used to treat scars:

Treatment For Scars With Laser Facial

Carbon Dioxide

This treatment is also known as Laser peeling which can be used to treat scars, warts, wrinkles, birthmarks, enlarged oil glands, uneven skin on face very easily.

Effective Laser Facial Treatment For Scars

It basically removes or peels the top damaged layers of skin to reveal undamaged new skin from deep within with the help of quick pulses of light under the supervision of a light under the supervision of a certified medical practitioner.

It makes the skin even, removing all the scars and is one of the long lasting methods with least damage to close skin surfaces. Also if done well, the procedure itself leaves almost no scarring and the recovery can be seen within two weeks. The only thing to look out here is it produces results after regular sittings which depend on the kind of scar getting treated here.

Pulsed Dye

This laser procedure doesn’t actually peels away the skin but instead sends stimuli to the collagen lying under the deep layers of our skin to produce new skin cells which ultimately yield a better skin tone to the face.

Effective Laser Facial Treatment For Scars

This type of laser is computerized and customized in accordance to the patient’s needs and scars to be treated. Nevertheless, this procedure is the safest as it has the least side effects and because of its mild nature there is no need for any recovery time as the skin is least damaged.

Laser Resurfacing

It uses a handheld light to treat the skin of its various conditions to reveal new skin. It is somewhat considered better than its counterpart carbon Dioxide method as it only removes the top layers of the skin and thus healing time is even less.

Effective Laser Facial Treatment For Scars

The device here is hand held and the light used to treat skin is mild enough to cause less pain. It causes the skin to heal from inside. It’s better suited for people with darker skin but what best suites whom can only be decided after proper evaluation by your doctor.

Fraxel Laser

This type of laser is best suited for deep and mature scars which are hard to heal in other way other than this. The laser here are too minute which enter the skin and thus actually stimulate the collagen and elastin to grow and produce new skin cells by making the body heal itself.

Effective Laser Facial Treatment For Scars

It is extremely non invasive and thus rejuvenates skin cells making them smooth out the pockets of the scars causing a smoothening effect. 

The types of laser treatments available are endless owing to the rapid technological advancements but only a certified doctor can evaluate your skin problems and suggest the perfect treatment customized according to your problem depending on various factors like the type of scar, the desired effect expectations, the time required for healing, the cost and the sittings involved etc.

Laser treatments are the best resorts to the problem of facial scarring bringing out great results.