Effective Home Remedies For Cholesterol

Cholesterol We have been hearing from different sources that high cholesterol is poisonous for your health. But do we really care about it? Surely answer is no from most of the readers. It is a true fact that people hardly care for their cholesterol level until they are affected with chronic disease like high blood pressure and heart disease. Well, it is never too late to start on controlling your cholesterol level. Whether you have cholesterol-related disease or not, start monitoring your cholesterol level after 30s.

Yes after 30s, as our body burns little fat after this age and cause high cholesterol level in the body. Well, it is also a best way to avoid heart disease. Various researches have revealed that eating right food, staying active and some life style changes goes a long way to prevent you from heart ailments. Interestingly, you can lower down the chance of getting fatal heart disease by 80 percent if you regularly follow simple home-made formulas to control cholesterol. Presenting here are some hassle-free home remedies for reducing cholesterol.

Home Remedies For Cholesterol

Switch To Whole Grain

Consuming whole grain foods like brown bread and rice cut down the intake of simple carbohydrate that transforms into cholesterol in the body.

Whole Grain

This small change in your diet make you feel fuller and satisfied controlling your craving for more food and also save you from fatal heart diseases. Moreover, whole grain breads or rice are more nutritious compared to regular grain.

Change Your Oil

Oils contain saturated fatty acids that get deposited in the body and forms cholesterol. Make sure that you cook your food in little oil and in oil that contains less saturated fatty acids like olive oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, and soybean oil.

Olive Oil

Including these oils in your diet significantly slash down your intake of saturated fatty acids. Using olive oil in your salads is one of the effective ways to lower cholesterol level.

Have Oatmeal Breakfast

Oatmeal is considered as the healthiest breakfast. This is supported by the facts that oatmeal has cholesterol lowering benefits. Many studies have suggested that oatmeal contains a soluble fiber called beta glucan that helps to lower cholesterol.


It has the capacity to drop your cholesterol level by 12 to 24 percent if you eat 1 to 1 ½ cup of oatmeal regularly. But make sure that you choose to cook the old-fashioned oatmeal over instant one.

Eat Grapefruit

Although most of the fruits are high in fiber which controls cholesterol, grapefruits are exceptionally good at it. Grape fruits contain loads of soluble fiber called pectin.


Pectin effectively lowers bad cholesterol and keeps in check with heart disease. Consume grapefruit every alternate day for maximum benefit. However, be cautious if you are already taking any medicines as grapefruit interfere with the absorption of certain medicines.

Replace Honey With Sugar

Many researches have estimated that consuming honey in drinks and foods helps to lower cholesterol. Therefore, replace sugar with honey to sweeten your dishes.


Adding honey not only lowers the calorie and cholesterol but also makes your food more delicious. So, don’t forget to add honey in your grocery list next time when you go for weekend shopping.

Go Veggie

Studies have proved that vegetarians are less likely to suffer from cholesterol related diseases. And the only reason behind this is that vegetarian foods are low in fat and bad cholesterol that result in health problems.

Leafy Vegetables

Furthermore, they are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber which are not found in non-vegetarian foods. So, include green and leafy vegetables as much as possible to remain fit and healthy forever.

Eat Fish

If you love to eat non-vegetarian food then consume fish instead of meat. Fish is low in calorie as well as fat and do don’t contribute to cholesterol formation. Although it doesn’t help to lower cholesterol, it contains essential omega 3 fatty acids and unsaturated fats that is good for health especially your heart.

Eat Fish

And fish like mackerel, sardines and salmons are the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore, eat these fishes to remain healthy and protect your heart.


Exercise is also a best a best way to combat cholesterol. Physical exercise like aerobics induces the production of HDL (High density lipoprotein) and controls body weight.


Along with taking up physical exercise you can make little change in lifestyle to boost your physical fitness like climbing stairs instead of elevator, using bicycle in place of car, walking to your grocery stores instead of driving. These are minute change in life style but go a long way to make you fit and healthy forever.

Drink Orange Juice

It has been found that people who drink sterol-fortified orange juice has been reported to have lower cholesterol. Studies have shown that drinking sterol-fortified orange juice lower cholesterol by 7 percent.

Orange Juice

However, drinking regular orange juice also reduces bad cholesterol and improves the concentration of good cholesterol. Therefore, it is advised to drink at least two glasses of orange juice a day to minimize cholesterol level.

Dine With Wine

Wine is one of the alcoholic drinks that have health benefits. Unlike other alcoholic drinks, it has cholesterol reducing effect. Red wine is especially good for health as it contains plant compound called saponins that acts on cholesterol.


It is also high in antioxidants like resveratrol which fight against free radicals and has anti-aging effects on the body. Doctors recommend drinking wine at dinner time for maximum health benefits.

Take Small Meals

Little is more for fighting cholesterol. Yes, if you want to lower cholesterol level in your blood stream then take small 4 to 5 small meals instead of 2 or 3 heavy meals. It is advised to take small meals because it is easily digestible and prevent fat disposition. Moreover, taking small meals throughout the day makes you feel fuller and prevent craving which makes you eat more.

Take Small Meals

Studies have also proved that people who take six or more small meals in a day reported to have low cholesterol level than who eat 2 or 3 heavy meals. So, promise yourself to eat six or more small meals instead of less number of heavy meals.

Photo Credit: http://www.pennmedicine.org/health_info/cholesterol/000236.html