Effective Home Remedies For Burns

Home Remedies For Burns Have you ever been a victim of a burn? If so you would be aware  as to what to expect in a burn. A burn is nothing, but a kind of an injury that may occur when the skin gets exposed to any form of heat.  Burns are divided into first degree, second degree and even third degree burn depending upon the severity of the damage the heat may cause to the skin. In a mild type only the superficial layer may get affected, in the second degree type the damage may be caused to the inner layer of the skin.

In the most serious situation the burn may cause extreme damage to the deepest layer of the skin. In  the worst scenario  the person may have to be rushed to the doctor immediately, failing which the situation may go out of control and also lead to a person’s death. There could many reasons why a person may accidentally get burnt.  The most common reason for a burn  includes coming into direct  contact with fire or flame.

The symptoms of the burn could vary depending upon the degree of burn. The most common symptoms include the affected area becoming red or pink and also there would be some amount of pain or discomfort accompanied by peeling of the burnt skin. If the damage caused to the skin is  of the more mild types then certain home remedies could be helpful.

Useful Home Tips to Cure Burns

Cold Water

If you or any one in your family becomes victim of a burn, then the most sensible thing to do immediately is to place the affected area of skin under running tap water. The colder the water the faster relief can be achieved.

Ice Cubes

You could even try placing an ice cube as alternative as ice is said to constrict the blood vessels, hence reducing the severity of injury. The same can also be done by using cold whole milk instead of water.

Plantain Leaves

Plantain leaves are said to be a very great way of treating a mild burn due to its  anti inflammatory properties.  Take a few plantain leaves, crush them and extract the juice out of it. Putting this juice on the affected area will surely heal the wound faster than usual and will also help reduce the pain the burn could have caused.

Onion Juice

onion juice

Onion is considered to have a  powerful medicinal quality, hence if your skin is affected by a burn of the mild type, all you need is the juice extracted of a fresh onion and applied on the wound.  This will surely help to improve the situation and will also give you instant relief from the pain.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera as we all know, is the most natural and best ways to treat any form of mild injury or wound. Hence applying aloe vera juice or gel  to the affected area can be quite helpful in treating a mild burn. Usually you can grow aloe vera plant at home itself, but in case you don’t have the plant, you can try applying the aloe vera cream.

Raw Potato

This one item from the kitchen can do wonders for a light  burn caused by any type of heat. Potato is said to have pain killing and healing properties. Hence take a raw potato and cut into pieces.

Avoid Rice And Potato

Take one of the pieces and apply it on the injured area, ensuring that it directly touches the skin. You will have to repeat this remedy many times a day if you wish  to see the results as quickly as possible.

Egg White

This could be a unique way of treating a burn. Take an egg, break it separate the yolk from the egg white. Apply only the egg white portion to the wound and it will surely have a soothing effect. Once the egg white dries, the pain could aggravate, hence reapply another egg to see faster results.


Hot Water And Salt

If you are a victim of a mouth burn, it can be relieved  by rinsing the mouth with salt water a number of times in  a day. To make the salt water solution, all you need is some ½ to 1 teaspoon of salt mixed in 2 cups of warm water.


This is a powerful way of treating any type of burn. Vinegar is  said to have antiseptic properties which could also prevent any infection that could be caused as a result of the burn. All you need to try this treatment is some amount of vinegar mixed with equal amounts of water and applied to the affected area.

This mixture can also be used to treat a mouth burn. Whatever be the cause of the burn, prevention is better than cure. Hence care should be taken while in contact with any form of heat, at least in situations where the possibility of getting burnt   can be avoided.