7 Effective Home Remedies For A Dry Face

Home Remedies For A Dry Face

An Itchy and dry face is uncomfortable and unpleasant. The one part of our body which bears the maximum brunt is our face due to sun exposure and pollution.

Women especially are prone to dry skin  as they work outside and are engaged in innumerable household chores. Luckily a dry face is not a cause of concern and you can take solace from some simple and effective home remedies to tackle it.

Dry Face Home Remedies

Baking Soda

Baking Soda For Dry Skin

Try to wash your face every day in a water and baking soda solution for a few minutes every day. Use 4 teaspoons of baking soda in a tub of water. Baking soda is very skin friendly and is particularly effective for the hands and face. Soak your body in the tub for 30 minutes and allow to air dry. Baking soda also helps to relieve itching.


Cornstarch For Dry Skin

Cornstarch or corn flour can be used to relieve a very dry face. Just add some to your tub soak or bath water and luxuriate in its goodness.


Try rubbing your face with some wet oatmeal before you retire for the night. Oatmeal is an age old home remedy for skin related problems. Follow this up with an intense moisturizing routine. Oatmeal is packed with the goodness of vitamin E which is said to be very good for the skin.



Moisturize For Dry Skin

Nothing works as effectively as a daily regime of intense face moisturizing to keep your face soft and smooth. Use a thick night cream and liberally apply this to your face. Try to wet your face a little before applying the cream. This allows the moisture to be retained in your face and your face will always be soft and smooth.

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Exfoliate For Dry Skin

Your face needs to be exfoliated once a week. You can use crushed almonds for this purpose. Soak some almonds overnight and grind them to a smooth paste in the morning. Add some honey and yoghurt to this paste and apply this to your face. Massage it into your face in small and circular motions. This also helps to get rid of the superficial, dry and dead skin cells thus leaving your face soft and smooth.

Oil Massage

Oil Massage For Dry Skin

Go in for a warm oil massage once in a week. Use any good oil like almond, coconut or olive oil to massage your face. This also relieves fatigue from the face. In fact you can massage your face once everyday just before you go in for a shower. This will ensure that your face remains soft even as you move out and are exposed to the sun.

Papaya Face Mask

Papaya Face Mask For Dry Skin

Use a hydrating papaya face mask to get rid of dry and dull skin on the face. Mash some papaya and apply it to your face along with some honey and yoghurt. Leave it for 15 minutes before washing it off. Repeat the treatment 2-3 times a week. Your face starts to tell its age sooner than other parts of the body so it is important to look after it.