Easy Beauty Recipes Using Vinegar

Easy Beauty Recipes Using Vinegar Vinegar is an excellent ingredient for beauty home recipes. Inexpensive and free of any harmful side effects, vinegar helps in restoring the acidity of the skin thus giving your skin a flawless glow. It is usually used in the treatment of skin problems like dryness, flaky skin and itching. It removes the dead skin cells from the face and also reduces the appearance of age spots on the face.

So if you are looking for simple home remedy that can give you beautiful skinthen here are some easy beauty recipes using vinegar that can help you achieve that beautiful skin that you always yearned for.

Vinegar for Skin Care

Apple Cider Vinegar for Age Spots

Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting organic apples and is a rich source of minerals like magnesium and calcium. It is useful in the treatment of age spots which are also known as liver spots.

Easy Beauty Recipes Using Vinegar

These dark, discolored skin patches are often seen in older people. Topical application of apple cider vinegar can help in reducing these spots on the face. You can also mix it with some onion juice to make the marks fade faster.

Just mix them in equal parts and dab it on the face using a cotton ball. When used regularly for some months the age spots will soon lighten considerably.

Vinegar Cleanser for Face

Vinegar is an excellent facial cleanser and does not dry your facial skin like commercial cleansers. Mix vinegar with water and then rinse your face using this solution.

Apart from this you can also grind some orange peels or use orange concentrate and mix it with the vinegar. Store this in a bottle and massage it onto your face to clean it thoroughly.

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Scrub and Tone Your Face with Vinegar

Apart from cleansing, vinegar can also help in toning your face. Mix papaya juice with apple cider vinegar and store this in a bottle. Use a cotton ball to take some of this vinegar toner and use it on the face to tone and nourish the skin.

Easy Beauty Recipes Using Vinegar

This solution locks in the moisture and gives your face a beautiful glow. Vinegar when mixed with cornmeal can also make an excellent scrub for your delicate facial skin. It removes the dirt and blackheads from the face without causing any harm to the delicate facial skin.

Vinegar Face Mask for Glowing Skin

Mix vinegar with honey, vitamin E oil and some egg yolk. Blend it in a mixer to make a smooth paste. Apply this face mask evenly all over the face and neck. Wash off after fifteen minutes when the face pack has dried completely.

This face mask is excellent for dry, itchy skin and can be used effectively by people who have sensitive skin. Vinegar has a lot of other uses. It can relieve itchy skin and can control body odor when used in bath water.

It is also used as an aftershave and use in the treatment of problematic skin. Vinegar can be used for chapped hands and for conditioning and washing your hair as well.