Dressing Ideas To Look Slimmer

Dressing Ideas To Look SlimmerBeauty comes in all sizes and shapes. There is no reason to feel low or deprived if you have a curvy or a heavy figure. You can still enhance your beauty through the right types of clothes and the right styling. If you have the right attitude and are comfortable with your body, you can look gorgeous, no matter how curvy you are. If you are wondering where to begin, read on and discover the wonderful ways by which you can look slimmer.

How to Look Slimmer

Understanding Your Body Type

Each of us has a different structure. Some have broad shoulders, some have wide set hips, some have a petite tummy area while some have a busty figure. It is imperative to understand your body structure before going for any kind of wardrobe makeover.

Basically, there are four major body types – apple, pear, hourglass and tube. If you have broad shoulders and a heavy bust area, you fall into the apple group. If you have a large bottom, that is, wide set hips and heavy thighs, chances are that you belong to the pear group.

However, if you have a curvy stomach area, and top and bottom part of the same width, you belong to the hourglass group. If you belong to the tube group, you are most likely to be same all over, that is, you will have a straight line figure.

Apple and pear body types are supposed be bulkier than the other groups. Once you have figured out your body type, read on to find ways to make it look slimmer and much more attractive.

Hide Your Tight Clothes

It is a common notion that wearing tight clothes will automatically give the notion of a slender frame. It is a myth and a harmful one. Not only do tight-fitting clothes give an odd shape to your body, they also make you look bulkier than you actually are.

Dressing Ideas To Look Slimmer

A tight-fitting top or blouse is a strict no-no if you have a busty figure. Similarly, a tight fitting pair of pants or skirt is a nightmare for a pear shaped body. Make sure you dispose all those tight fitting clothes right away.

Do away with Those Baggy Clothes

Okay, now you must be confused. I just asked you to do away with your tight clothes and now I am asking you to do the same with your over-sized clothes. The reason is simple; wear the clothes which are right for your size.

Just like tight clothes, baggy or oversized clothes make you look much bigger or bulkier than you actually are. Many people tend to go for oversized clothes because they are ashamed of their problem areas.

Dressing Ideas To Look Slimmer

They do not understand that while hiding their problem areas, they are hiding the other areas too, which might turn out to be attractive. If you have a good shoulder but a heavy set tummy, there is a no reason to wear a big baggy sweatshirt.

Not only will it make you look many sizes bigger, but it will also hide your attractive shoulder and collar-bone. The key to good dressing is highlighting your attractive features and camouflaging the not-so attractive ones.

Savior of the Day – Tummy Tucker

Tummy tucker is the Holy Grail for bulky beauties. A tummy tucker gives shape to your tummy area and also holds back the excess fat or flab. It is available in basic colors like white, black and nude.

A tummy tucker is must for evening gowns or dresses. When you are all worked up about how your fat around the tummy area might spoil that beautiful dress, a tummy tucker is all you need to rob you off your worries.

Dark Colors Ahoy

Make dark colors your best friend. Black is the safest color you can go for. It is slimming and universally flattering for all skin tones. A black dress can make you look smoldering hot without attracting attention to how bulky your tummy is or how wide your hips are.

Dressing Ideas To Look Slimmer

Of course, you need to pick the right type of dress. Jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red, turquoise blue also look very flattering. Always make sure to color co-ordinate your tops with your skirts, pants or jeans.

The 10 on 10 Dresses

Since you are on the bulkier side, you have to choose your dresses wisely. While a dress makes a woman look extremely attractive and feminine, the wrong one can completely mar her looks. Wrap dresses are in vogue, and they look ravishing on bulky women.

Go for dark colored wrap dresses and team them up with nude color pumps. Make sure you wear a firm bra or innerwear to accentuate the dress’ fitting.

Dressing Ideas To Look Slimmer

If you are not up for such a bold choice of dress, you can for V-neck A-line dresses. Avoid dresses which gather on your tummy area. They make you look wide and fat.

Jackets and More

When in doubt, always trust a good fitted jacket. A jacket makes you look smart and chic. Teaming up dresses, tops and blouses with jacket gives a very formal and classy look. Since a jacket acts as a layering agent, it camouflages the flab.

Make sure you go for long jackets which end at your hips or mid-thighs. Short shrugs will make you look extremely flabby. A jacket which is a bit fitted on the stomach will further slenderize your structure, giving you a much leaner and slimmer look.

Print it Right

Do not go for micro prints. They create an illusion of a wide structure. Make sure that you avoid horizontal stripes as well. They make you look fatter than you actually are. The best things are big paisley prints, vertical stripes and psychedelic prints.

Dressing Ideas To Look Slimmer

They make you look well-toned. Make sure you create color blocks by contrasting a printed top with a solid dark colored skirt or pair of pants. Avoid printed trousers or pants. They are perfect for skinny ladies and a strict no-no for well endowed ladies

The Final Word

A very big part of dressing up is accessorizing right. Avoid slender and small bags. They highlight your bulky figure. For curvy beauties, the safest bet is a big hobo or a briefcase bag.

They look really classy and make you look slimmer. Go for dark tan, cherry or funky colored bags. Avoid plunging necklines as well. They accentuate the flab. Go for big, bold and chunky jewelry pieces.

Big neck pieces make you look slender and they accentuate your neck, making it look longer. With these handy tips, dressing up to look slimmer is a hassle free thing. Always love your body and accentuate the beautiful parts. Go for the right clothes and nothing can stop you from looking like a diva!