DIY Vitamin C Serum For Youthful Skin

Vitamin C is the latest and most popular entrant in our daily skin care regimen and is an essential component in all high end anti ageing creams and lotions. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and is extremely effective in reducing wrinkles and also in boosting collagen production, thereby restoring youthful skin. It helps to reduce pigmentation and improves the overall complexion of the skin. Although available in market, this serum could be quite expensive. But we can easily prepare Vitamin C serum at home, which is just as much effective.

Here Are The Steps Of Vitamin C Serum For Youthful Skin:


Vitamin C powder (L-ascorbic acid) – half teaspoon
Glycerin – two teaspoons
Rosewater/ distilled water – four teaspoons
Vitamin E oil – one teaspoon
Jojoba oil – one teaspoon
Dark colored bottle – for storage


Step 1:

Dissolve Vitamin C powder in distilled water. Alternately, rosewater can be used for dissolving Vitamin C powder.

Step 1

Step 2:

Using a funnel, carefully fill the Vitamin C mixture in the dark colored bottle. If you prefer, this mixture alone can be used as such.

Step 2

Step 3:

For enhancing the potency of the serum, other ingredients are added. For this, add vitamin E oil and jojoba oil to the bottle. Close the cap tightly and shake vigorously, until all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

Step 3

Step 4:

Store the serum in a cool dark place or in the refrigerator. Vitamin C serum gets oxidized easily. So always close the cap tightly after each use. This serum is best prepared in small batches and will remain fresh for a week in the refrigerator. If color changes to cream or yellow, it means that it is oxidized. Discard it and prepare a fresh batch.

Step 4


Step 1:

Clean the face thoroughly with a mild cleanser and pat dry. Wait for about 10 minutes, before applying the serum. Vitamin C serum is best suited for people with normal to oily skin.

App Step 1

Step 2:

Take two drops of vitamin C serum, rub it inside your palms and apply a very thin layer all over face, neck and back. Vitamin C is acidic in nature. So, before applying it on your face for the first time, it is always good to apply a test dose inside your elbow to check for allergic reactions.

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Step 3:

If you have dry skin, add two drops of serum to a teaspoon of Aloe Vera and mix well. Then apply it the same way as mentioned above.

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Step 4:

For all skin types, It is always best to start, by applying the serum every alternate night. Once your skin gets used to it, it can be applied every night. It is best to avoid applying vitamin C serum, during day time. However, if you do apply, follow it with sunscreen lotion of SPF 30 or more.

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