DIY Body Sugaring Recipe To Remove Hair

remove hair

Body sugaring recipes at home are one of the best ways for getting rid of extra hair. Be it the hair on the legs, face, hair and any other area of the body, you can really get rid of hair faster and get glowing and healthy skin. The process may be a little lengthy and it will surely pain a tad, but at the end of the day, you get a recipe that really works in removing hair instantly and for a longer period

Here Are The DIY Body Sugaring Recipe To Remove Hair

Why It Works

Basically lemon and sugar is a classic combination that helps in not only getting rid of hair from the roots, but also gives you a radiant glow and gets rid of dead cells. Another advantage is that when you get hair right from root, it takes time to grow back too. So you are hair-free for a longer period.

Ingredients Needed

For making the body sugar liquid or wax as they commonly call it, you need to add 2 cups of white sugar along with 1/4 cup lemon or lime juice to a pan along with 1/4 cup of sugar. Do remember to get rid of the lemon seeds and the pulp to get a clear liquid. You will also need some rectangle cloth strips (clean) or disposable wax strips.


Heat Till Sugar Melts

As a rule of thumb, always melt the sugar over low heat or over a double boiler. Too much heat and the sugar will burn and caramelize, failing your purpose. Keep stirring with a spoon so that there are no lumps. Once the liquid is completely melted and clear, take it off the heat.


Spread Over Skin

Now you should make sure that the liquid is bearable temperature, but not too hot or cold. Use a butter knife to spread the liquid in the opposite direction of hair growth. This helps in better hair removal.


Apply Cloth Or Strips

Next put the cloth or strips over the applied sugar and press gently. Make sure it settles well over the applied liquid. Now pull in the opposite direction. Repeat if needed on some areas.


Wipe it Off

Now take a wet tissue or wet towel to clean the skin well. Do apply some soothing aloe gel over the area to ensure that your skin is not burn. Some redness is common, but it goes away in a few minutes. You can also apply ice over it.