6 Different Nail Shapes Guide

Not many women are aware of this, but for many men, sexy and stylish looking hands count. In addition to skin, face, hair, clothing and accessories, hand and feet also need your time and attention to look beautiful and attractive. It is not only about growing nails long and healthy, but having them properly shaped and painted is also a very basic and effortless way to make them look simply gorgeous. Depending on the type and shape of your hand and fingers, there are a wide variety of shapes you can give to your nails that suits best. Here is a glimpse of the various nail shapes.

Nail Shapes Guide

1. Round Nails

For many, oval is their favorite shape, but not everyone loves it. This is a shape for those who have a lot of work to be done. It is easy to maintain as the sides can be filed into shape, maintaining the length even if it gets chipped. For females who have brittle and delicate nails, use this shape to add strength and glamour at the same time.

2. Square Nails

As popular it is, greater is the maintenance level. Looks smart and stylish when French manicure but square nails need maintenance at least once a week. Moreover, you need to grow the nails really long, before filing them square. It looks extraordinarily well on long or medium and long nails but is not meant for brittle nails, given how quickly it chips.

3. Square With Rounded Top

Combine square with oval to get a squoval shape. It is basically a variant of square shape, with rounded edges. It has the benefits of oval shape with a square base. It reduces chipping manifold and the shape can be adjusted depending on the level of roundness and square-ness one wants. Here again, it is necessary to grow the nails to an extent before shaping up.

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4. Stiletto Nails

Ultra long and pointed nail is a fashion trend today. It is basically a show and you cannot think of using your hands on a day-to-day basis. Extremely pointed, these nails give a longer appearance to the females with small fingers. It needs to be done professionally but is very weak for regular maintenance.

5. Almond Shaped Nails

This is a very delicate shape that gives broad and masculine hands a more feminine look. File perfectly on the sides to get the rounded almond point. This again, has its own risks of getting chipped off when hands are in regular use. For a lasting strength, use soft nail shades and maintain with coats of transparent nail paints to add shine and keep the nails strong. One can also opt for French manicure.

6. Oval Nails

This is again, a shape that suits most of the hand and finger types. It is a great combination of various shapes and has an advantage of each of them. Easy to maintain, delicate looks, smart and stylish, can be maintained for both short and long nail sizes and gives delicate and feminine look to your hands.