Diet To Treat Lupus

Diet To Treat Lupus Lupus – a chronic inflammatory disease occurs when the tissues and organs of the body are affected. If you are suffering from lupus then you must follow a strict diet chart that will help you to remain healthy and help you to fight against the inflammation and pain caused by lupus in a natural way. Only a proper diet has the potential to heal you.

Therefore, it is mandatory to make a proper diet chart with the help of an experienced dietician and understand which food items and drinks are beneficial for your health in order to get rid of lupus.

Diet To Treat Lupus

Easily Digestible Food

Simple, neutral food items including fresh vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes and fruits like apples and bananas are ideal for you if you are suffering from lupus. Make sure that you are having these neutral food items in their raw forms.

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Put some easy to digest food like almonds, salads and soup in your regular diet chart as they can ease the digestion and heal you soon. Unpeeled fruits and uncooked or half cooked food can also increase the pain of lupus.

Plenty Of Water

Plenty of water can heal the pain of lupus. Therefore you must drink at least 8 glasses of water each day as water flushes out the toxins from the body. The condition of the defective digestive system caused by lupus can be improved if you drink ample amount of water every day. Do not gulp your food with water but chew your food properly. Drink water in between your meals but not with your meals or else lupus will trouble you.

Foods That Can Reduce Inflammation

Digestive enzymes and probiotics can improve your digestive system if you are suffering from lupus. Lupus patients usually face difficulty in absorbing food and nutrients and therefore their body needs more enzymes to fight with lupus.

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Consuming a certain amount of essential fatty acid (EFA’s) is mandatory as this reduces inflammation as well as pain caused by lupus. Therefore, make sure that you are putting food items that are facilitated with enzymes and EFA’s in your diet chart.

No Spicy Food

It is better to avoid red meat as it can upset your stomach frequently. In order to consume proper protein you can take chicken, fish like salmon instead of red meat and gain the same amount of nutrition though.

You have to check your temptation for spicy and junk food that are equipped with mono saturated fats, trans-fats, saturated fats and a little polysaturated omega 6 fats that can surely be dangerous for your health and cause pain that complements lupus.

Alcohol Prohibited

Alcohol as well as energy drinks can surely be harmful to you if you are already suffering from lupus. Avoid such drinks as they are considered to be the acidic non healthy drinks that can damage your digestive system completely. Instead you can try green tea, mixture herbs and make herbal tea or caffeine free drinks that can energize you as well as reduce the pain of lupus.

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Healthy drinks not only keep toxins away from your body but also boost the immunity. Though only a proper diet cannot cure lupus completely, but allows your body to respond fast to the treatment you are undergoing. A simple, normal diet with a bit of restriction can help you to get rid of painful lupus to a huge extent.