Common Enlarged Uterus Symptoms

Enlarged Uterus Symptoms Enlarged uterus is very common in some women. Since pregnancy to child birth uterus plays a very significant and challenging role inside a woman and here it becomes obvious to be with an enlarged uterus. Women do not consider it as a threatening condition as it is taken as a common problem occurs due to childbirth and obesity.

Some of the reasons related to enlarged uterus are not so serious and are age driven but some of them can be risk to life and need medical attention instantly. It is important to get aware of the symptoms and the grounds behind enlarged uterus due to the life threatening syndromes related to it. Here are the most noticed symptoms related to enlarged uterus women should be aware of.

Symptoms Of Enlarged Uterus

Menstruation Abnormalities

One of the most common and perceptible symptom of an enlarged uterus is irregular and troubled menstrual cycle. Women with enlarged uterus commonly face prolonged periods and excessive bleeding with discharge of blood clots which lead them to anaemia with heavy blood loss.

irregularity of menstruation

Annoying cramps and uncertainty with menstrual flow are also considered as a sign of enlarged uterus especially with a threat of Adenomyosis or thickening of uterus. These symptoms are important to be discussed and diagnosed by the doctor for early treatments to avoid severity behind the condition.

Cramps And Discomforts

A range of discomforts and affected reproductive system are the inaugural signs of enlarged uterus. Women with the condition in general face the pelvic and abdominal pain relentlessly. Menstrual discomfort with stiff legs and backache are also common. Recurring migraine and contraction with pain around abdomen during intercourse are some considerable signs of enlarged uterus.

The other common discomforts related to the conditions are diarrhoea, stomach ache, bloating, and flatulence. These symptoms can be intimation to upcoming chronic conditions like endometrial cancer or uterine fibroid.

Unusual Weight Gain

Abrupt enlargement of lower abdomen and increase of waist size are the other important signs connected to enlarged uterus.This condition is generally ignored as considered to be obesity problem.

weight gain

Certain weight gain leads women to other severe problems related to reproductive system in which infertility and irregular menstruations are universal. The sudden changes are alarming to visit a specialist for a proper diagnosis to mitigate the higher risks.

Habitual Constipation

Regular problem of constipation and indigestion are the common symptoms of enlarged uterus. The very symptom can be a driven through uterine fibroids as a reason behind uterus enlargement. These are the indicative signs to step up for medical attention.

Frequent Urge Of Urination

Frequent urination is the other indication of enlarged uterus. The condition can be alarming if it feels difficult to pass urine. Sometimes due to ovarian cysts, uterus enlargement takes place and occurs with such symptoms. Heaviness and pressure around lower abdomen and backache are the related symptoms of the condition.

Frequent Urination

These are some important symptoms related to enlarged uterus which can be life saving for women if considered significantly. Such signs and symptoms can be indication to the severe conditions and it should not be overlooked just like that.

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