Common Causes Of Irregular Period

Common Causes Of Irregular Period One of the very common and prevalent problems among not only women but also teenage girls is that of irregular menstruation cycle. Researches show that 2 out of every 10 women show all signs of irregular periods.

It is medically proven that women have their periods in the cycle of 21- 35 days and just in case there is any form of mismatch with it, it leads to asymmetrical menstrual phase.

However, every woman has her own cycle that happens according to her body functioning and can vary from others in the difference of 1-2 days. Now when we talk about this health crisis, it can be of two types.

Either you can suffer from a short term or a long term irregularity. The symptoms for long term include heavy bleeding, pain, no menstruation for a couple of months and ovulation.

To gain a deep insight about the problem, it is always better that you know all the reasons that cause it to occur in the first place. This will help you treat it in a smoother and more effective manner. Here is the list of causes that can be attached with irregular periods-

Reasons For Imbalance In The Menstruation Cycle

Stress And Tension

One of the major causes that you can come across while researching for causes of irregular periods is stress and tension.

Common Causes Of Irregular Period

Emotional pressure can very well lead to such a situation especially during sudden accidents or incidents in life. Anxiousness and being worried all the time can trigger the crisis.

Irregular Hormone Secretion

There are certain hormones in our body that are responsible for the regular periods. Just in case these hormones under secrete or over secrete, it can be termed as one of the reasons why you don’t have a regular menstrual cycle. It is always suggested that you consult an endocrinologist for the purpose.

Bad Habits

Smoking and alcoholism are two bad habits that can adversely affect the normal menstrual cycle in a woman. Not only can they tamper with the periods but also the ovulation phase in a woman’s body.

Heavy smoking and drinking should be strictly avoided if you want to cure the problem as soon as possible. Heavy intake of caffeine in the form of tea and coffee can also create chances of missed periods or irregular ones. Try and control the intake as much as you can.

Lack Of Body Fat

A lot of researches show that low body fat can actually be one of the significant causes related to irregular periods.

Common Causes Of Irregular Period

Lack of fat in the body severely affects the secretion of the hormones and controls the menstruation phase. So make sure you don’t diet too much where body weight and fat is concerned.

Heavy Exercising

One of the other reasons you can attach is excessive exercising or heavy body activities that can strain the body and its functioning. So make sure you exercise in limits and do not stress the body too much.

Along with these topmost causes, some of the other problems that may lead to such a health ailment include breast feeding, eating disorders, any form of medicines or medical treatments, weight gain and lack of nutrition in the body.

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