Colours For Dark Complexion

Colours For Dark Complexion

Have you ever thought “why am i dark?” Have you ever thought “Why was God unfair with me?” Have you ever thought “Why am i not fair like the other pretty fair girls?”

Have you ever wondered “How would life be if i was little fairer?” Have you ever questioned yourself “Why do you have an inferiority complex just because you are dark?” Well, put an end to all these questions. Being dark was not your choice and is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is just another skin tone opposite of fair.

First of all, “being dark, makes me not pretty” idea should be changed. Presenting yourself is all that matters, and for presenting yourself you need to choose the right dress, for the right occasion and of the right colour. Here are some helpful ideas.

Many would prefer black or white, or sometimes both. I would say, first wear a white top and stand where there is sun light in front of a mirror to see if it suits you or if it is really bright on you. If its bright, i would advice you to choose lighter colour, for example : a cream colour. As far as i have noticed, pure white dress makes one look really dark as the white colour stands out on a dark background. Avoiding white is better.

Colours Tips For Dark Complexion


Black is a lovely colour! Most of the women have a thing, that they must own a black dress. Black is a colour that will look good on any skin tone. More than anything, black makes you look slimmer. It will also make your skin tone look lighter since the dress is of dark colour.

Pastel Shades

Light pastel colours are no doubt the best that will suit you and make you look beautiful! No idea what a pastel colour means? Pastel colours are usually colours that are lighter than the actual colour. They are the lighter shades of the colour and are soft and not bright or dull. For example, the colour pink, There are different shades of pink, pastel pink refers to the light pink shade. Hope that explanation was understandable and helpful.

Avoid Browns

Especially dark browns. Since the skin tone is brown, if you wear the same shade it will not stand out and it will make you look dark and dull.


The colour of the sky. The colour of the sea! Blue is a cool colour. Just like the pleasant sea and sky, so will you look when the colour blue is worn. Turquoise, (a bluish green shade), teal, aqua, more shades of blue are bright and yet elegant colour which will really compliment you.


Another pleasant colour. The only colour apart from blue that strikes us when we think about the nature is the colour green. Go green! Light shades of green, like the grass green will look good.


Orange is the colour of sun rise and sun set. The colour orange on you will make you look ravishing.


A very graceful and energetic colour. There are different shades of yellow. The colour amber, will look very appealing as it is not very bright. Golden is another elegant colour that will stand out better on a dark skin tone than on a fair skin tone.


Pink, the colour for cuteness and the colour that is loved by girls of all ages. Try to avoid dresses of dark colours and wear more of light pastel shades. Still have doubts? Take a look at yourself after slipping into your gorgeous dress. If you look dull and boring, its time to say good bye to them and get a lighter or a different shaded dress.