Causes Of Early Menstrual Period

Causes Of Early Menstrual Period

Menstrual Periods are a very important change in a woman’s life. It symbolizes fertility and gives the woman the joys of childbirth and reproduction in the later stages of her life. Though it sounds easy and exciting, menstrual cycles can be a cause of trouble if there is less or excess bleeding, late or early cycles, cramps and other related problems.

Early menstrual periods is a very common thing among most of the girls, and is not a concern unless it occurs every 15 days. Excessive blood loss may lead to reduced blood in the body causing anemia and other problems. Here are a few common reasons for arrival of an early period.

Early Menstrual Period  Causes

1. Hormonal Changes

There are phases in a girl’s life where she goes through hormonal changes automatically. From early periods and body growth, to increased sexual activity after marriage, to menopause; changes in the body bring about change in menstrual cycle. It may not necessarily cause irregular periods, but late or early periods is what is normally seen.

2. Irregular Cycles

A woman’s periods can be as early as after 21 days, or not later than 32 days. Ideally 27 days is the normal cycle for most of the women. However, not everyone has the cycle maintained always. If there is a tendency for irregular periods, the chances of having an early menstrual cycle increases.

3. Stress

Too much of thinking causes internal imbalances in the body. Stress is a common cause for women’s early periods. Fatigue, worry, anxiety, happiness bring about hormonal imbalances and mood swings. It is a most common cause for early menstrual periods among women aged 20 to 30 years.


4. Physical Activity

A lot of physical activity all of a sudden may lead to stretched muscles can body pain. The internal chemical and physical change causes periods to arrive early. It may also lead to cramps and heavy bleeding during menses. Women should therefore avoid extremely strenuous activities, running or jogging for long durations and heavy weight lifting.

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5. Symptom Of Menopause

Women at a forty plus age tend to have as early as a 20 or as late as a 45 day cycle. This is the body’s natural way of reacting to the growing age and arrival of menopausal phase. Hot flashes, weight gain and hair problems being additional symptoms, early menses ranks first in indicating this phase.

6. Menarche

After a girl has the first period, it is natural to have an irregular period for a couple of months. Menstrual cycle is a symbol of fertility, and it takes time for a woman to adjust to the new emotional and hormonal changes coming with the age. Menarche could be another reason for an early period and it can take up to three years for the body to regularize menstrual cycle.

7. Diet

Sudden weight loss or weight gain can be due to irregular eating habits leading to disrupted menstrual cycles. It is necessary for a woman to mind her eating habits to avoid hormonal changes caused due to consumption of junk and other food that cause gastrointestinal problems. Healthy eating is necessary for a healthy life.