Causes And Concerns Of Hair Loss In Women

hair fall Hair loss in women is a major cause of concern, mainly because women are still not comfortable with the concept of coping with hair loss. Although family history leads to hair loss in women, but women tend to take the blow of hair loss much more seriously as compared to men.

As far as a general belief goes, baldness can be associated only with men and not a woman. But, hair loss of women is as serious and is associated with beauty and glamour. Hence, it would be rather difficult to look for the exclusive hair loss treatment that is meant for only women.

Different Types Of Hair Losses In Women

A huge array of hair loss incidents can occur in women and you would find mainly three types of hair loss, also known as alopecia in women. If you understand these basic kinds of hair losses, you could very well avoid losing hair and keep your glorious look intact throughout your life. Here is an insight-

Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia is the first type of hair loss which is the kind that is inherited in nature is the most common cause of hair loss in men and women permanently.

main cause

It means that the chances of hair growing back are rare and this usually happens with age.

Remedies And Treatment

Though hair loss of this kind cannot be avoided with age, there are ways to prevent it from getting worse. These include eating healthier foods, regular exercise and also trying to maintain a positive mindset.

Scalp Infections

Scalp infection too can cause hair loss in women. This is an instance of temporary hair loss. Hair treatments that are done using acids and heat can damage hair to a big extent and disable the follicles from producing new hair. When hair loss is diagnosed on the basis of medical records and other issues, the cause can be ascertained.

Remedies And Treatment

Diagnosing the cause of scalp infection is vital. Only then can it be treated using medicated shampoos, conditioners or even internal medicines.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is the other type of hair loss in women. This happens when the hair follicles are attacked by the immune system.


It can be due to some kind of disease or illness in the body that triggers off a series of chain reactions, thus leading to hair loss and internal imbalance.

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Remedies And Treatment

The only way out is to go for treatment, which would stop hair fall by applying various methods. This may include refraining from the use of a particular hair product or a method any further. In fact, inadequate supply of vitamins, minerals in the diet and also poor nutrition can result in hair loss in women. In such cases, consulting a physician becomes the need of the hour.

Traumatic Alopecia


The third type of hair loss is Traumatic Alopecia and this is resulted from chemical treatments and braiding of hair. Using hot rollers and other such appliance can cause serious damage to hair to such an extent that hair follicles stop producing hairs causing baldness.

Remedies And Treatment

For this kind of hair loss, time is the only way to heal the damage caused. But what you can do is go for regular hot oil massages, hair spas and other nourishing and conditioning treatments to retain the lost shine and health of your mane.