Breast Cancer Prevention And Treatment

Risk Factors Of Breast Cancer In Women The macabre disease that fetches the lives of many women, is breast cancer. “Prevention is better than cure.” So, it is rather a smart act to remember a few things for the prevention of this, definitely .

Even smarter an act is to get checked up often, to ensure that your body is free of any such life threats. So, one good way of keeping yourself away from the dangerous stages of cancer is to go through regular checkups and keep a track on it.

If it is caught very early it is easily handled, lest carelessness shall make matters worse. Once you are sure that you have no traces, make yourself follow the following tips, in breast cancer prevention.

Prevention And Treatment For Breast Cancer

Lifestyle Measures For The Prevention Of Breast Cancer

Get your BMI assessed periodically to keep the risk of breast cancer lesser. The lower your BMI is for your weight, the lower your risk. This term BMI is the abbreviation of Body Mass Index which in common language is directly proportional to your weight.


Also, remember that a slot of exercise for the day, say 30 minutes, keeps the doctor sway. Indulge into a routine that has some workout of some kind and be safe as exercises regulate hormones. The belly fat is an indicator of the risk you are carrying.

Eating And Drinking Measures For The Prevention Of Breast Cancer

Today’s stressful life leads to irregular periods in many girls who finally seek medical help in the form of hormonal pills. These should not be continued for a long time or they stimulate hormones which can lead to a cancerous condition in them.

Secondly, eating and drinking habits as affect most of the diseases, affect this pone too. It is advisable to eat healthy, green and fruity and reduce junk intake. As the disease is directly related to hormones and hormones are in turn affected by alcohol, you should have minimum drinks.

Say, one or two daily, if occasionally is what you should stick to. Also keeping sugar levels in control is a safety measure. So, needless to say, regulate your sugar intake as well! Quit smoking if you wish to stay away from any form of cancer including this one. One more important thing is not to take too much of soy supplements like tofu and soy milk.

These may manufacture estrogen and thus cause the estrogen sensitive disease to happen to you. Instead, real soy products are good for women. Following the above constraints can help you in breast cancer prevention. In case the hazardous thing still engulfs you, there is another set of tips you can follow for the treatment.

Treatment For Breast Cancer

First Stage Of The Condition

In the first stage of treatment the first thing the patient goes through is the breast conserving surgery. This implies the removal of the cancerous and certain other parts of the breast to cure it. Then we have the option of modified radical mastectomy.

breast cancer

This implies the removal of certain breast nodes and surrounding muscles without removal of the breast cells. This stops the cancer from spreading and gradually cures it. One more remedy applied in this case is the sentinel lymph node biopsy. This implies that the sentinel lymph nodes which conduct he cancer cells further from the primary tumor is removed thus preserving the breasts.

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Second Stage Of Breast Cancer

The next stage of therapy is the adjuvant therapy which ensures that the cancer does not come back once the correcting surgeries are done. Firstly in this case, radiation therapy is given to the lymph nodes and chest walls before the radical mastectomy is conducted to keep the breast safe from any incoming cancer cells.

Secondly,  we also have the option of hormone therapy which  implies that hormones are added, or removed from the existing levels of the patient to adjust them to safe levels which keep cancer away. This also controls menopause and irregular periods in ladies. Monoclonal antibody therapy is also an effective way to prevent the cancer cells from rebounding.

This implies that the antibodies that help bind harmful substances in the body like the cancer cells are injected and along with an anticancer drug called trastuzumab and finally all this is followed by chemotherapy. And last but not the least, we have as a cure,  the very popular chemotherapy. This is the treatment that kill cancer cells.

Third Stage Of Breast Cancer

Once all this is done, you can be pretty sure that the resilient condition of breast cancer shall not smack back at you. But in case you have already passed this stage and reached the third stage of cancer of inoperable breast condition, you have options like Chemotherapy with the help of established anticancer drugs.

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Also there is the revolutionary process of clinical trial for the cure. Here, some other drugs are used. This generally implies that there are some experiments conducted on the patient with different cancer medicines expecting some of them would cure the cancer substantially.

Fourth Stage Of Treatment

For the dangerous stage of the disease, there are many effective cures that heal much unease and are life saving. The Metastatic therapy that limits and arrests the cancer cells where they are and stop the condition from getting worse by seizure surgeries, is one.

Another treatment is hormone therapy. There is also a innovative new way of cure her called monoclonal antibody therapy which helps fight the cancer cells effectively with the help of powerful antibodies. These also imply to basically injecting these to fight cancer cells.

Then comes the radiation therapy. This is basically the process of giving the patient soothing therapies for pain and inflammation control. Such a patient can also be given bisphosphonate drugs to reduce the calcium levels and associated bone pain that may be caused in ladies due to breast cancer.

Intense procedures called high dose chemotherapy leads to killing a lot of cancer cells, though this step may cause side effects like pain like damage to the bone marrow. Sometimes the strong cancer drugs and radiations cause the marrow cells to die and get destroyed. These soothing processes are sure to restore the bone cells and provide much relief from pain.

These are used to cure the side effects of cancer and thus are also a part of the treatment. Breast cancer is the top topmost disease in women as shown by statistics and there are quite some precancerous changes that take place in her body before the disease catches on. Be aware and vigilant. Also, do not ignore the regular checks and in case diagnosed with the condition, take to instant and quality treatments.

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