Best Treatment For Itchy Skin

Itchy Skin Itchy skin is a problem and it is really embarrassing. Our skin itches when it becomes too much dry.

For this reason you have to overcome the situation of dryness with proper care. Itchy skin not only makes you uncomfortable, it may leave scratch marks when you scratch too much. This scratches burn when it comes in contact of water or other chemicals.

Causes of excessive dryness of skin that turns to itching is cold weather, harsh soap, dry air, side effects of some medicine and many more things. Whatever may be the cause of itching, cure itching as early as possible otherwise it may turn to skin disease. This article will give you few tips to cure itching and to get a healthy skin.

Itchy Skin Treatments

Bathe In Normal Water Mixing Hot Water

Bathe everyday. But do not use hot water because hot water removes the natural oil of the skin and makes your skin drier. For this reason, use normal water for bathing purpose.

Hot Water bathing

Pour few drops of antiseptic lotion in your bathing water. Antiseptic lotion helps to cure itching if it is caused by boils or other skin rashes.

Wipe Your Skin Dry

After bathing, wipe your skin completely dry. But do not rub your skin roughly because it may remove the natural oil of the skin and will make it rougher. For this reason, pat your skin with a soft towel to make it completely dry.

Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturize your skin with a good quality moisturizer after washing your skin. Massage the skin with vitamin E rich moisturizer to get rid of itchy skin. To get the quick result, it is better to mix some vitamin E externally. To do it break one capsules of vitamin E in your moisturizer and massage it on your body to get the immediate result. Vitamin E repairs skin damages very quickly.


Milk has soothing properties. It contains amino acids and it is beneficial for itching skin.

Benefit of Milk

Take a cup of chilled milk and massage it all over your body. Wait for sometimes so that the skin absorbs the amino acid which soothes the skin.

Oatmeal And Yogurt

Soak some oatmeal in yogurt and apply that on your skin. After leaving it for 10-15 minutes, rub it gently. It will help to remove dirt and grease without making your skin dry.

Turmeric Paste

Turmeric paste is very effective to cure itchy skin. Take some pure turmeric powder and use water to make paste. Apply the paste all over your body and wait for sometimes. After that, wash your skin with water. Turmeric has antifungal and antiseptic quality. For this reason it cures itching very effectively and quickly.

Neem Paste

Another effective and natural medicine for itching is neem paste. Crush few fresh neem leaves and apply that on your itched skin.

Neem Paste

Everyday use of this neem juice helps to cure itching. Instead of neem juice you can use neem oil in your body oil and massage it.

Oil Massage

Regular oil massage is necessary to cure itching. Mix olive oil and almond oil in equal amount and make it slightly hot because hot oil is absorbed well by your skin. Massage it every night all over your body before going to sleep. Leave it overnight and then wash with plain water.

Coconut Oil And Camphor

Coconut oil is very thick. It hydrates, moisturizes and nourishes your skin. Massage pure coconut oil everyday all over your body before going to take bath. To enhance the power of the coconut oil, mix pinch of camphor in the oil. Camphor cures itching very quickly if it happens because of some infection.

Fenugreek Seed And Mustard Oil

Soak some fenugreek seeds in water overnight to get soft. Grind it to paste. Mix few drops of mustard oil in this paste. Mix well and apply it on your skin.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek has antibacterial and antifungal property whereas mustard oil massage increases the immunity power of the skin. Mustard oil also hydrates your skin. Everyday massage of mustard oil and fenugreek cures itching very quickly.

Glycerin And Rosewater

Massage glycerin all over your body to get rid of itching that happens because of dryness of skin. In a bottle, mix glycerin and rosewater in 1:10 ratio. Shake well before use. Massage this glycerin on your skin regularly to cure itching.

Cocoa Butter

Massage cocoa butter all over your body to get rid of itching. Everyday massage of cocoa butter makes your skin soft and supple.

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Cocoa butter hydrates and moisturizes skin and cures dryness of skin. Thus, it cures itching problem. These are a few natural treatments of itchy skin. Practice them and soon get the benefit.