Best Skin Care Tips For You

Best Skin Care Tips For You Have you been trying all the skin care routines and advice the internet has been giving you. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you sigh! All women want to look gorgeous and can go to any lengths to get that glow back on their skins provided time and money permit. All of us get tired of searching for that one right sensible advice that works, the products are within an arm’s reach and the time taken for the process is not tedious.

Give the following tips a try and you may be surprised what humble home-care can do for your skin and the good news is that there are no side effects.

How to Care for Your Skin

Basics first

Skin Type

Are you confused about your skin type? Do a simple test to know what your skin type is. Massage your face and neck with a moisturizer and wait for five minutes. Take a tissue and dab on your cheek.

If you find the tissue oily then your skin type is oily and if you don’t find a trace of it then your skin type is dry. If you have some points on your face that are oily and the rest dry then you have what is called a combination skin type.

It is important to know skin type so that you can apply applications that suit your skin. For example an oily skin will become oilier if you apply olive or coconut oil. Excessive oil clogs your skin which causes acne and pimples. Similarly an excessively dry skin can leave you looking dull and scaly.

Allergy Test

While herbal homecare does not usually have a side effect some people may have a tendency to be allergic to some contents due to their genetics. It is advisable that any application may first be tested in small portions on the elbow before going in for the face or neck.

Useful Tips

Face and Neck

These are your most sensitive areas and hence require utmost care. The following applications can be used weekly for a lovely glow:

Oily Skin Home Face Pack

Best Skin Care Tips For You

Combine fuller’s earth or Gram Four with rose water and curd to form a paste and apply on the face and neck prior to having your bath. Allow the paste to dry on your skin and wash it off with lukewarm water. Fuller’s earth or gram flour act as an astringent, toner and cleanser and helps you to get rid of acne and pimples. It helps to improve the skin texture and tone.

Dry Skin Home Face Pack

Massage the face and neck with a mix of Milk Cream and Coconut oil. Massage in circular motion with upward strokes so that you lift your skin as you massage. While the Cream and Coconut oil help to retain the moisture content and act as a natural moisturizer the massage improves the blood circulation levels.

Wash with only gram flour and water and do not use soap for the next half a day. Touch your skin to feel the silky texture. Regular usage of the pack improves the glow on the skin, naturally.

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Combination Skin Home Face Pack

It is always a bit difficult for the combination skin to achieve the results unless the product suits them completely. However there is respite for you in nature. Fruit packs are the best for a combination skin. Combine more than one fruit for a better result. A very safe combination for a sensitive skin is banana, papaya and any citrus fruit.

Best Skin Care Tips For You

Mix all the fruits in a bowl with a spoon of curd. Mash to a thick mix. Apply the mix to the face and neck. To avoid spilling the mix on the floor, cover your face and neck with a thin muslin cloth. Relax for twenty minutes and wash away the mix. The glow on your face will be unmistakable. It you are not allergic you may add avocado to the mix for a butter soft complexion.

Your Crowning Glory

Tangle free healthy hair is always on your wish list. While hair care is most simple, the hair care products specialists have made it sound like rocket science. The most basic fact is that hair grows naturally and good care helps it to grow well, keep lice away, keeps it shining, split free, dandruff free.

If you were to rewind a few years to feel your hair when you were a child you would notice that your crowning glory had all of these sans the many chemical products that you so carefully apply today.

Best Skin Care Tips For You

Natural hair care requires you to oil your hair the day before you wash it. Washing hair twice or thrice in a week helps improve blood circulation. Having bath in lukewarm water is best as warm water tends to make your hair roots weak and cold water makes your hair brittle.

Oiling your hair helps to condition it and adds volume and texture naturally. You don’t need to additionally apply conditioners to keep the hair soft and silky. For an extra shine a mix of egg white and vinegar helps. A mix of ground soap nuts and water with egg white cleans and conditions your hair. However if you are allergic to dust and have other respiratory disorders you must avoid this hair treatment.

One must keep in mind the following points:

1. Strong shampoos and conditioners ruin the texture of your hair.

2. The lesser the chemicals on your hair the better so avoid your hair spray, hair gel, serum, lotion and the likes.

3. Extreme dryness leads to dandruff and over moisture leads to scaling and lice. The middle path is always better, so wash your hair once in every three to four days.

4. Avoid hairdryers and allow your hair to dry naturally. Use of towels to remove excessive water helps to dry your hair quickly.

5. Plaiting your hair helps to improve it growth. At home over weekends plait your hand for a change if you want it to grow long.

The Rest of Your Body

Best Skin Care Tips For You

Regular exercise keeps your body firm and trim. An occasional body massage, with a combination of coconut and eucalyptus oil, followed by a warm water bath will rejuvenate your senses and relieve you of all body aches and pains. Try it over a weekend and see how well you will sleep through the afternoon.

While all body care tips quoted above are externally it goes without saying that all of these work best when your body is well hydrated, healthily fed and kept fit. There are no shortcuts to good health. Its time you set a routine that works for you and add the tips to enhance the output of your sound body.