Best Home Remedies For Getting Pregnant

Home Remedies For Getting Pregnant It is not easy for every woman to get pregnant. Though many women get pregnant without any hassle, but for some it is extremely difficult. Most of the time they either have any anatomical defects of reproductive organs or hormonal imbalance that makes it difficult to conceive. In case of anatomical defects like fallopian tube defects, endometriosis, fibroids, or ovarian cysts, surgery is required to fix the problems leading to infertility.

Whereas, for hormonal imbalance, doctors take the help of medicines to make the reproductive cycle work normally. But many women don’t want to use artificial replacement hormone for getting pregnant. If you are one of them who want a natural pregnancy, then following some home remedies may help you to get pregnant. Here are some home remedies that may solve most of your problem related to infertility.

Home Remedies For Getting Pregnant


If hormonal imbalance is the major cause for your infertility then you need to stay from stress as much as possible. Don’t try too hard to get pregnant, rather relax and keep you mind away from negative thoughts that may cause stress. Go easy about the troubles of life and take them as a part of life.

Try Relaxation

All these are not only necessary for women but also for men to ensure a good sperm quality and quantity. People feels relax after performing activities depending on what really make them happy. Pick the one for you and try to enjoy them along with your partner to get the feeling of satisfaction and love.

Avoid Douching

It is common among women to douche their genitals soon after sex. Douching is cleaning the genitals with water. It is a good habit to remain safe from sexual diseases. But if you are planning to get pregnant then you must not douche for a few days until you get pregnant. Though douching does not completely lower the chance of conceiving, it may reduce the chance of getting pregnant by 30 percent.

Never Smoke

We all know that smoking reduces our life span. But few people know that it also makes you infertile. It is a strict no for men as well as women who are planning for baby. And for women, it is ardently important to remain a non-smoker after conceiving all through the pregnancy.


Smoking affects the functioning of ovaries and disrupts ovulation. It also affects sperm health in men. Therefore, say no to cigarette if you want to have a baby soon.

Use Natural Lubricants

Many couples use artificial lubricants available in stores for removing sexual dryness. Sexual dryness makes it difficult to perform sexual act and result in failed attempt for pregnancy. However, the use of lubricants to facilitate sex also reduces the chance of getting pregnant. This is because the lubricant contains artificial agents that affect sperm motility.

They may also act as a spermicides. So, make sure that you never ever use artificial lubricants during sex. Instead, try to use natural remedies to lubricate your genitals like egg white which is not only slippery but also a pure protein that doesn’t harm sperms (also made of protein).

Eat Healthy

Diet plays an important role to maintain a healthy body overall. Proper diet also influences your hormonal secretion and sexual health.

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Therefore to stay away from infertility problems make sure that you feed on nutritious food. And for this, you need to include green leafy vegetables, nuts, dairy, fruits and whole grain products in your diet.

Make An Accessible Passage for Sperms

The most important thing that should happen after sexual act is the fusion of sperm and egg. And this is only possible if sperm make its way to the eggs failing to do so the pregnancy does not occur. If you are preparing for a while to get pregnant and everything are normal about your sexual health, then try this tip to get pregnant. Soon after sexual intercourse, raise your leg up in the air for 20 minutes to help the sperm meet the egg. Though it sounds hard, but this tip has helped many to get pregnant and may help you too.

Plan Your Sexual Act

Having sex any time doesn’t result in pregnancy as there are certain days of the month when fertility is at its peak. Eggs are only released from the ovaries after the 6th day of mensuration and survive only for 24 hours.

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So, it is important to plan an intercourse during this time if you are planning to get pregnant. However, sperms can stay alive for 3 to 5 days. Therefore, sex before ovulation can also result in pregnancy. It is also essential to relax soon after sex as this will help the sperm to travel to uterus more easily.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol in huge quantity never do any good to your body. And this applies both for women as well as men even seriously if they want a baby. If you are an avid drinker, then start to lower the intake and gradually stop it completely. You can drink occasionally but in small quantity.


There are certain vitamins that especially help your body to prepare for pregnancy as well as help you to get pregnant. So, focus to increase your consumption of these vitamins. Vitamins like folic acid, vitamin C, iron helps a lot in pregnancy.

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Consult a doctor for taking their supplements and also try to take the natural source of these nutrients like fish, oranges, lentils, broccoli, and spinach. Dairy products like yogurt and milk are also advisable for those who are planning to have a baby.


Physical activity controls most of the health problems and infertility too. It ensures good blood flow to the pelvic area which is necessary for the reproductive organs. Both men as well as women should take up exercise at least 3 times a week for good health and fight infertility.

Yoga is a boom for couples with infertility problem as it has many postures that help to nourish the reproductive organs like ovaries and uterus. Some yoga classes also focus to cure fertility issues and help to prepare the body for pregnancy. If you want to go natural then yoga is one of the best options to fix sex problems.