Best Foods To Reduce Vaginal Dryness

Best Foods To Reduce Vaginal Dryness A drop in estrogen levels causes vaginal dryness. This drop cold be due to a variety of reasons like stress, tension, childbirth, old age and menopause, improper and imbalanced diet or even due to excessive alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking. Other than the fact that a lot of lubricating creams are commercially available, there are some foods that help to restore the moisture in the vagina thus reducing its dryness.

Reduce Vaginal Dryness With Food


Phytoestrogens help in effectively reducing vaginal dryness. These are chemicals that naturally occur in some plants. Once inside the human body, they act like the hormone estrogen which helps in vaginal lubrication. Phytoestrogens can be found in food like soya – soya milk or even soya beans.

Best Foods To Reduce Vaginal Dryness

Red clover, tofu and flaxseed are also good examples where phytoestrogens are present. Fruits like apples, cherries and also various nuts and pulses have phytoestrogens present in them. A cup of red clover, 50mg of soya based product, 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds is sure to improve the vaginal lubrication.


Ginseng also helps to improve vaginal lubrication. This is a plant which grown slowly and is blessed with a fleshy root. It is primarily found in North America and also parts of Asia (like China). For effectively reducing vaginal dryness, the root is most often eaten dry.

The Ginseng leaf is also often consumed with the root. The powdered version could also be added in a small quantity to green tea and consumed. It is proven to be an effective cure.


Food that are rich in Omega3 fatty acid like fish (example; tuna, salmon, mackerel) help in reducing the dryness of the vagina. One note of caution, however, is that these fish also have a lot of mercury content in them.

Best Foods To Reduce Vaginal Dryness

So please do not consume them too frequently. Instead start taking a medicinal supplement of this essential fat. Other than this, primrose oil, borage oil and olive oil are also rich in Omega3 fatty acid.


Don’t forget to drink your water if you wish to reduce your vaginal dryness. Around 8 to 10 glasses of water every day has proved to reduce the dryness dramatically.

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There are certain herbs that have also shown to make the vagina more lubricated. Amongst others, these are the motherwort tincture (motherwort can be consumed by itself as well) or dong quai. Motherwort is traditionally an European plant but now can be found in other countries as well.

Best Foods To Reduce Vaginal Dryness

Dong quai, on the other hand, is a Southeast Asian plant and its root has been used for medicinal purposes for over a thousand years. For the treatment of vaginal dryness, take a teaspoon of these herbs and boil them in water. Once the water is a little cool drink it. A week of consumption of this water improves the lubrication of the vagina.


Yogurt also helps to combat the dryness of the vagina, especially the probiotic variety. This variety helps to maintain the right pH level that the vagina needs. Other foods that similarly help are sauerkraut (shredded and fermented cabbage.

This is done by lactic acid bacteria), kefir (fermented milk), kimchi (a Korean dish made of fermented vegetables), and miso (Japanese dish made of fermented rice, soya and the fungus kōjikin).

Vitamin E

Best Foods To Reduce Vaginal Dryness

Food with Vitamin E also helps to keep the vagina moisturized. For this try eating food avocado, olive oil, nuts etc.