Best Beauty Tips For Black Women

makeup for black women Not too long ago beauty tips for black women were hard to find. The reason was their black complexion which wasn’t considered to be, “makeup friendly”.  Despite this several black women have achieved immense success in the glamour world.

The African American complexion has an importance of its own. Shiny bright eyes and full and luscious lips are the stand out features of a black women. An expert beautician can accentuate the beauty of a black woman by highlighting these features. This article will discuss about some relevant beauty tips for black women.

Best Beauty Tips For Black Women


A black woman must choose a foundation that blends well with her skin tone. Due to hyper pigmentation an African American skin tone appears uneven with age.  Taking this into consideration the best that one can do is to select two shades of foundation – apply the lighter shade on the cheeks, forehead, under eye area and nose; the darker shade must be applied on the cheek bones, temples and the chin.


With the help of a makeup brush blend both the shades evenly to match your skin tone. Beware of the fact that a too light foundation may make a colored skin look chalky. To highlight the cheek bones make use of a brown or a copper blush or bronzer. These are the two shades that go very well with the black skin tone.

Highlight The Lips

Black women are genetically blessed with plump and luscious lips. Therefore, they must concentrate on flaunting them as it gives them a unique look. Lipsticks in earthy and neutral shades, all shades of pink and burgundy goes well with the skin tone of a black woman.


Choose a lip liner that almost matches the shade of your lipstick and line your lips emphasizing more on the inner portion. Making use of your ring finger, blend the lip liner almost halfway into your lips. Apply a lipstick of similar shade on the bare areas of the lips. Finally dab on some nude colored lip gloss to finish off the look. This application will give you an attractive pout.

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Eye Make Up

Black women have shiny bright eyes. Therefore, compliment them, by using more than one color. Dark skin tone is perfectly suitable for metallic and shimmering eye shadow. Mix two colors like gold and purple to give a dramatic effect to your eyes.

eye makeup

Apply a base color first starting from the lash line to the crease. Highlight the brow bone by using colors like gold, powder blue or vanilla. The colors should be well blended to suit your skin tone. Enhance the eyes by using brown or black eyeliner with black mascara for the eyelashes.

Hair Care

Super curly hair is the forte of every black woman. Efforts to straighten them will mean using harmful chemicals which go on to spoil your hair in the long run.

hair care

Instead try and make your hair smooth and silky by applying shea butter and strong conditioners several times in a week. For styling your hair you can select from a variety of natural braid styles that can be easily achieved at home.

Nose Job

Black women often complain about their nose being too large. Yet many of you wouldn’t like to go for a plastic surgery. In this case you can use make up innovatively to make your nose appear petite. Start by applying a concealor on the bridge of the nose. The concealor should be three or four times lighter than your skin tone. Then use a darker concealor to color the sides of your nose.

With a small brush blend the colors to camouflage the harsh lines. This will make your nose look much smaller. So these are some the makeup tips that a black woman can use. Don’t forget, the darker the skin tone the brighter the colors you can use.