4 Benefits Of Wine Facials

Benefits Of Wine Facials

A beautiful, glowing skin is every woman’s dream and there are many cosmetic products and treatments that promise to give you just that. Beauty treatments like diamond, pearl and gold facials are quite common. A new therapy which has captured the imagination of many people thanks to its numerous benefits is the wine facial. People have enjoyed drinking wine for centuries. However, its benefits for the skin is now understood by people and used by them in the form of facials.

Grape, apple, elderberry and red wine is used for wine facials and reviving the glow of the skin. These treatments are available at most spas and parlors. Although a wine facial is a bit expensive but it has numerous benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should indulge in a relaxing wine facial

Advantages of Wine Facial

1. Rejuvenates the Skin

Wine contains polyphenols which are antioxidants that fight the free radicals that harm the skin, thus keeping your skin healthy and glowing. It kills the dead skin cells in the body and restores the glow to the face by boosting the blood circulation. Once the facial helps in sloughing away the dead skin cells from the skin, your skin feels rejuvenated and hydrated. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, it is thus the best treatment for dry and dull skin.

2. Fights Acne and Other Skin Problems

Wine facials especially grape wine facials are known to fight against acne and are thus a boon for oily skin. The antioxidants in the wine detoxify the skin and help in fighting against skin problems like eczema and dry skin as well. Skin pigmentation caused by exposure to the sun for long hours and tanning are some other problems that can be resolved by wine facials.

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3. Anti Aging Benefits

Red and other types of wines have stimulating properties that can reverse the signs of aging like the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its therapeutic properties relax the skin and slowly ease the wrinkles on the face.

4. Relaxing Properties of Wine

Wine is known to relax the tired and sore muscles of the body. A wine bath can refresh your senses and provide you relief from headaches. It relaxes the tired, stressed out muscles and soothes your mind.

How To Get A Wine Facial

Wine facials are available in many spas. Based on your skin type and your specific needs a blend of wine and others herbs are chosen. Usually French and California wines are used. The skin is first cleansed properly and then steamed. Wine, herbs, fruits, essential oils and other ingredients are then massaged onto your face and neck. Once the face mask is applied you are allowed to rest with a pillow underneath your head for around half an hour. It is then washed off.

The wine is often mixed with aloe vera and honey for additional benefits. Wine facials are quite popular these days and there are many benefits of this treatment. Try this at your nearest spa and find out the magical effect that it has on the skin.