5 Beauty Essentials Every Woman Must Have In Her Handbag


Women are always on the go, running around, accomplishing tasks and completing their long list of day-to-day errands. Along with this schedule, there is an added responsibility of taking care of their home and family members that they regularly overlook the fact that they need to take charge of themselves too. Working women too seldom remember that even though they are on the run and travelling around they need to look after themselves. In this busy daily routine, it is advisable to carry a few things along with you in your handbag which will aid in some way to enhance your beauty and make you feel confident at all times.

Below Are The 5 Beauty Essentials Every Woman Must Have In Her Handbag:

1. Lip Gloss

Summers or Winters, a lip gloss is what every woman needs in every season. Whether you are catching up with your friend for coffee, have a meeting in office with your colleagues, or randomly bump into an old acquaintance, a lip gloss will add some glamour to your face and confidence to your smile. If you are a woman, who does not like a lot of glitter, you can use a nude matte lip gloss which will still add shine to your lips but in a subtle way.

Use Lip Gloss Instead Of Lipstick

2. Kohl

There are a few makeup gears which are a women’s pride in the beauty world. Kohl is one of them. It lifts you and changes the look of your face completely just with a simple stick. Hence, wherever you are, as a woman, it is always imperative that you carry kohl along with you in your handbag. Any eye contact that you make at work, at a store or at a PTA meeting will have an impact, thanks to the kohl you are carrying in your bag which is at your disposal always.


3. Hair Brush

A hair brush is an essential tool and part of your daily routine. Imagine you have just washed your hair and are running late for work. Your appraisal with your manager awaits you. In a hurry, you just dump everything in your handbag and miss putting your hair brush. You reach office and check yourself in the mirror and realize your hair is uncombed. You look for your hair brush, empty your entire bag contents on your desk but do not find it. That’s when you realize, it is always important to have a small hair brush in your handbag permanently so that you look prim and proper at every office meeting.

Comb your hair carefully

4. Perfume

A perfume is always taken to be a luxurious accessory. Not everyone uses one or understands the importance of a perfume. When you are working out at the gym or shopping at a departmental store for household needs and you get an unexpected call from your boyfriend for a random but immediate date, you maybe perspiring with a bit of a stink. Thus, a pocket perfume in your handbag will always help you out in such situations and many similar ones.


5. Sunscreen

When your routine or job requires you to be out in the sun day in and day out, a sunscreen becomes vital. Women do not realize that a sunscreen works silently and without their knowledge saves them from a partial tan and dull skin. Whether going in direct sunlight for hours or just for a few minutes, always keep your sunscreen handy as it can help your face glow as bright as you want it to.

Reapplication of Sunscreen all through the day