Amazing Tips On Top 5 Body Pack

We have a wrong notion that we need to take care of our face only. But it is not. A weekly or monthly body pack is needed in order to keep our skin soft and supple. Moreover, if you have beautiful skin you can wear any type of dress confidently. But everyone does not have a beautiful body skin by birth. You need regular care to keep your skin beautiful. Moreover, a body pack does various jobs. It supplies nutrition to your skin and keeps it soft and supple, removes tan, erases spot, prevents untimely wrinkles and take overall care of the skin. Though there are various types of body pack available in the market it is always better to make your own body pack at home with home ingredients according to your need. Not only they are cost-effective, they are preservative free.

This Article Will Give You A Few Super Ideas To Make Some Useful But Easy Body Pack:

1. Yogurt, Honey And Rice Powder Body Pack

In a bowl add a cup of sour yogurt, 2-3 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon rice powder. Mix everything. Apply a thick coat of this pack all over your body. Massage in a roundabout way. Massaging enhances blood circulation and helps to activate nerve root. After massaging, leave it to get dry and then wash with plenty of plain water. Yogurt serves to remove sun tan and other unwanted spots from the skin. Honey is a great moisturizer. Moreover, honey has antiseptic property which saves your skin from infections. Rice powder is a coarse substance which helps in exfoliation removing dead skin from your body. A weekly application of this pack is required.

Yogurt, Honey and Rice Powder Body Pack

2. Milk, Avocado And Wheat Flour

If you have extremely dry skin then milk, avocado and wheat flour body pack is the most suitable one for you. Cut an avocado and remove its kernel. Grind it to paste. Pour them in a bowl. Add one cup of full cream milk in it. Add the necessary amount of wheat flour. Mix everything to make a smooth paste. Apply a thick layer of this pack all over your body. Leave it for sometime and then wash. Milk helps to clean deep rooted dirt. It also hydrates and nourishes the skin Avocado moisturizes your skin and wheat flour exfoliate the skin.

Milk, Avocado and Wheat Flour

3. Turmeric, Sandalwood And Olive Oil

For acne prone skin turmeric, sandalwood and olive oil body pack is superb. A few people suffer from body acne. For them, this pack is recommended. In a container add 2-3 tablespoons of turmeric powder, 3 tablespoons sandalwood powder, 1 tablespoon olive oil. Mix everything. Add required amount of water to make it a smooth paste. Apply this paste all over your body. Both turmeric and sandalwood have antiseptic property which serves to kill the germs of acne. On the other hand olive oil contains different minerals and vitamin E which help to improve the texture of the skin and removes acne scar. Use it twice in a week.

Turmeric, Sandalwood and Olive Oil

4. Milk, Lemon, Rice Flakes And Lentil Powder

In a bowl squeeze one lemon, pour a glass of milk, and add a tablespoon rice flake and 2 tablespoons lentil powder. Mix everything and apply this body pack all over your body. Leave it for an hour before washing it with cold water. This body pack serves to control oil secretion and removes tan. Use this pack on suntanned oily skin.

Milk, Lemon, Rice Flakes and Lentil Powder

5. Coconut Milk, Rose Water, Saffron And Chickpea Powder

Mix a glass of coconut milk, rose water, saffron and chickpea powder. Mix well and apply it all over your body. Leave it for an hour before wash. Everyday use of this pack helps to make your skin fair and glowing.

Coconut Milk, Rose Water, Saffron and Chickpea Powder