9 Ways To Hydrate Dry Face Skin

Ways To Hydrate Dry Face Skin

Dry skin can be quite an embarrassment to anyone. No one wants to be pointed out at their most important moments to look out for a dry and patchy face. The skin on our body has properties of adapting itself and coping with varying environments and temperatures but the skin on the face is extra sensitive. 

We’ve to take extra care so as to protect it from damage and ensure that proper care is provided at all times or else we face problems like dry skin which can further lead to irritation, pimples, peeling of skin. It’s very easy to keep your face hydrated, moist and moisturized to keep most problems at bay in the following ways.

9 Ways To Hydrate Dry Face Skin

Moisture Is The Key


We talk of dry, dehydrated skin and over look the most common reason of the problem. Most people forgo the habit of moisturizing their skin after they take bath or wash their faces.

In the quest of keeping dirt, oil, impurities, grim off our faces, we unintentionally wash away the natural oils too with excessive washing and not applying creams or providing our face with the dose of any oil there after resulting in drying of skin. Thus, we must not forget the most basic rule of moisturizing our face after taking bath or washing our face.



Our body naturally makes exfoliation easier by making the new cells push away the dead cells from the body. This can be easily achieved by bathing or washing face; but, sometimes dead skin sticks on to our body making it difficult for the moisture to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and thus drying out our skin.

It is, therefore pertinent to exfoliate our face at least once a week with a mild homemade or readymade scrub to make sure the nutrients are reaching the skin properly.

Repeat The Moisture Regime

Moisture Regime

In today’s world, no one shies away from anything. You have to ensure that you’re not overlooking the requirements of your own body and fretting thereafter.  You may wash your face once a day but there may be several other occasions when you must be feeling dried out in your face but overlook the need of moisture then and there as the solution.

Several times during the day due to various reasons like constant travel, smoke, pollution, using wet wipes, after too much sweating, spending too much time in air conditioned spaces our faces tend to feel dried out in need of moisture. The key here is to attend to our face and apply any cream or moisture to help our face stay hydrated and soft.



Sun rays are another culprit in drying out our skin and sucking moisture from it. Basking in the sun may be good for your body due over doing it or getting exposed in sun especially during 11am to 4 pm during the day can cause much damage to your skin. Sun rays not only tan your skin but enlarge pores, dry out your skin among other problems.

To make sure you don’t succumb to these problems, make sure you wear the right SPF sunscreen according to your skin type and weather conditions and keep your self covered when stepping out in sun.



Just like we try and give enough moisture to our skin from outside, we need to cater to the needs of our body from inside too. Our bodily functions are ultimately responsible for the overall looks, body and condition of our skin.

It is of utmost importance that we keep ourselves hydrated all the time with enough water and other necessary fluids like soups and juices which are beneficial for the overall complexion of the skin.

Do The Diet

Healthy Diet

Going for the right diet and nutritional supply for your body is an essential part in maintaining the perfect skin. Doing Yo-Yo dieting, crash dieting or eating fast foods without any break can break havoc on your skin. The skin is the outcome of what goes inside the body. Maintaining a proper diet with all essential nutrients can take care of most of your skin problems.

Also, forgoing all fat from your body can make your skin dry. It is important to intake essential fatty acids in your diet to do the trick. Nuts, dry fruits, Flax seeds, cod liver oil, fish etc can be easily included in diet to make skin smooth, shiny and hydrated from within.

Face Masks

Face Masks

There are several options to hydrate your skin externally too which can easily cater to hydrate your face without any allergies or reactions.

Face masks made of oatmeal, avocado, honey, papaya, banana or any fruit of your choice, butter milk, yoghurt, milk, rosewater, olive oil, aloe vera etc can help restore the moisture in the skin.



There are several times when our skin doesn’t respond to the basic treatments and methods to ward off dry skin and hydrate skin from outside and within. This is an indicator that our skin needs extra hand and special care now. You can buy OTC ointments meant for dry skin or see your dermatologist for specialized help.

Don’t Over Clean

Washing Face

Sometimes we need to understand our skin type and let it rest without making it squeaky clean every time. Every person has different skin and it responds differently to different routines.

Repeated cleansing and washing may be helping your friend’s skin but it may not suit you. You’ve to understand your skin and make sure you deal with it accordingly. Too much washing can dry it out making it peel away after being stripped of its essential oils.

After all the measures taken, we must ensure we’re what we eat. If we take care of what we eat we can be assured that our body and skin will stay in optimum conditions for long enough to serve all our purposes.