9 Tips To Curl Straight Long Hair Safely At Home

While longer hair give you more freedom to innovate with the curl depth and style, but when chemically straightened, they need an extra bit of precaution to style them curly, without damaging their texture. Locks hold their unique beauty like straight hair have. And for the sake of safe and professionally done curls, you no more need to visit expensive salons. Simply follow the 9 tips we have compiled for you at home, and flaunt healthy curls just like you stepped out of a salon.

1. Shampoo Hair Wisely:

The more dry your strands will be, the better will be the chances of creating lasting curls. However, by dry hair we do not mean frizzy and dehydrated strands. We mean, clean hair, devoid of oil. Thus, shampoo and condition your hair one night before you plan to curl them.

Shampoo Hair Wisely
2. Use A Neutralizer:

Curling long and chemically straightened hair come with its own challenges. You should use extra cushion against heat, so that your hair do not fall off or break while curling. Neutralizer acts as a shield guarding hair strands from heat. It also ensures that the hair texture stays even from roots to tips.

3. Use A Volume Booster:

It is hard to create bouncy curls when you have long chemically straightened hair, since they do not contain keratin. The best way to get bouncy curls for such hair is using a volume boosting shampoo. This will give your curls a fake natural bounce by adding much needed volumizing thickness to them.

4. Use Ideal Curling Iron:

Not all curling irons deliver same results. There is always a specific iron according to hair length. For long hair, it is wise to use a long handle curling iron that has wide flaps. Long handles make it easier to roll hair from roots to tips. And wide flaps give the freedom to create more depth and volume.

5.Curl In The Right Direction

The worst way to curl long hair is rolling hair from any direction. Start binding the rod at the roots and follow the upside down pattern till you roll the last edge of the hair tip. Do not roll the hair from tips to roots though.

6. Pull Hair Upward

Once you bind the hair all along the iron length, gently lift them upward. This helps in creating fake volume to straight long hair that makes the curls bouncy and more real. Do not pull hard though.

7. Be Decisive Of The Look  

In order to get your desired look, it is necessary to decide if your want deep curls or just waves. In case of deep and bouncy curls, you should extend the time marginally by half a minute. However, in case you need waves, do not wrap the hair strongly around the iron. And remember to not start at the roots. Start from middle all the way down to tips.

8. Pin The Strands

This is quite a fascinating curling way for long hair. Keep tucking the curls you get at the middle of your head with a tic-tac pin. Unwrap them strand by strand after curling entire hair. This prevents previously curled tresses to tussle or tangle with the remaining strands, giving more intense and professional finish.

9. Use A Setting Mist

This might not be as essential for short hair, but it is a make and break curling tip for long hair. Longer hair tend to tussle more. Thus, when settled down with a spray, the chances of the locks opening or scattering to waves reduce.
Simply follow the above listed tips and get the curls of your dreams within minutes, without compromising on the finish, and without damaging the hair texture and quality.