9 Stunning Messy Short Bob Hairstyles

9 Stunning Messy Short Bob Hairstyles

Disheveled, messy hair might have been insulting years back but today, it is the most loved style and trending look. Especially, a messy bob is something that looks cute, voguish and elegant and has been tried by women of all ages. Still cannot believe us, check out the pretty messy bob hairstyles given here, we are sure you will definitely think about revamping your style right away.

Messy Short Bob Hairstyles

1. A-Line Bob

When you have slightly wavy hair that is somewhat straight with loose waves, then this hairstyle will be perfect for you. An A-line bob with blunt or rounded ends will add to the un-kept look making it look airy, messy and yet pretty and stylish.

A-Line Bob

2. Curly Bob

When you have naturally curly hair, you need not add too many layers to create the messy look; instead run your fingers through the hair like you style it using a comb and add bold streaks to get the look. In addition, a few long curly bangs on the side will create a distinct look.

Curly Bob

3. Wavy Bob

This is a slightly shorter than a lob and suits better for those who want a bit longer bob. Again, if you are someone who doesn’t like bright highlights still want to try out subtle hair color, then try this wavy lob with subtle lights. Simply run your fingers through your bob to show off your wavy hint of shimmer that is sure to grab attention.

Wavy Bob

4. Side Parted Bob

When you want to create a whimsical look, try out this short side-parted bob with textured layers. Long and short layers with blond highlights and dark roots will give an exclusive look. At the same time, side swept front hair and the messed up layers will give you a modern chic look.

Side Parted Bob

5. Chin Length Middle Part Bob

A wavy bob that is chin length with cool ombre highlights and blunt ends will make your look like one style goddess. The dark to ombre transition down the length of the hair, the blunt wavy ends and the center partition will make your look super cool and trendy.

6. Choppy Balayage Bob

A bouncy balayage look would be a great idea, if you have fine hair. Curly layers are added to the short bob, it gives a 3-dimensional effect and the highlights of honey blonde balayage completes the look.

Choppy Balayage Bob

7. Flipped And Shaggy

This sassy messy bob features both movement and volume. The layers at the bottom are carved out using a razor, which keeps the ends wispy. The adorable flips at the ends are achieved using a round brush. This hairstyle is just perfect for those with thick hair, who find it difficult to maintain their hair. The bulk is taken off by expertly done layers of the tresses.

Flipped And Shaggy

8. Sun-Kissed Wavy Bob

Messy hair texture goes well with light wavy haircut. This messy bob looks effortless and natural. Sun-kissed balayage is the perfect hair color that suits this kind of texture. You look stunning, when the beautiful tousled waves fall on your shoulders and softly frames your face.

Sun-Kissed Wavy Bob

9. Modern Teased Bob

In the past, the flawless teases bobs were backcombed and covered with a flattened out top layer. However, this modern teased bob is different and has not hidden secrets beneath. Its pointedly imperfect and messy. If you have cute rounded bob and wish to go for something messy, then this texture looks the best.