9 Steps For Salon Like Blonde Hair At Home

9 Steps For Salon Like Blonde Hair At Home
If you are the one who loves experimenting with different hair colouring styles on a regular basis, it is very interesting to know and learn the different steps to get salon like hair at home. Initially it could get a bit cumbersome however with some practice and some patience you can become an expert. This would definitely save you time and money and most importantly it would save you the effort of sitting long hours at the salon. Below mentioned are the 9 important steps which you need to know to get salon like blonde hair at home; it mainly involves dyeing your hair as per your liking. If you are a beginner you would need some basic apparatus like a dyeing brush, a mixing bowl, hand gloves, some hair clips, etc. Read through to get your salon like blonde mane at home.

Read Through To Get Your Salon Like Blonde Hair At Home.

Step 1: Select The Hair Portions That You Wish To Dye

It is essential to know what you want before you starting dyeing your hair. Decide whether you want to make your entire hair blonde or you wish to have few strands or sections highlighted. Decide before starting the dyeing process.
Select The Hair Portions That You Wish To Dye

Step 2: Choose Your Perfect Shade

Now depending on your skin tone or based on a reference which you like decide the colour or the blonde shade which you want. You must ideally do a full research based on your hair type, skin colour, eye colour etc. and then decide on to the perfect blonde shade for your hair. Once decided, it is preferable to fresh purchase the colour instead of using a stocked resource.
Choose Your Perfect Shade

Step 3: Do The Initial Hair Prep

Now you have your blonde shade colour ready with you; it is time to prep your hair. The best time to colour your hair is 2-3 days after a hair wash. You must avoid colouring or dyeing your hair immediately after washing or conditioning. Comb your hair and get rid of all the knots in your hair and make them straight for the initial prep. Wear an old shirt or an apron so as to avoid damaging your clothes.
Do The Initial Hair Prep

Step 4: Keep Handy All The Items Which Wil You Will Need

Once all the basic preparation is done, it is advisable that you keep all the required items handy. This would include few hair clips to make hair portions, some petroleum jelly applied on the hairline to avoid colouring your facial skin, a plastic wide toothed comb, a hair dyeing brush, the hair dye, few towels, a timer and a gentle hair conditioner. Once you are ready with all the above mentioned stuff you are good to go.
Keep Handy All The Items Which Will You Will Need

Step 5: Do A Small Patch Pilot Dye Test

Make this a practice always before colouring or dyeing your hair; it is a must to do a small pilot test. Pick a small hair patch and apply the hair dye over it. Let the dye stay for the recommended amount of time and wash with cold water. If the results are as desired, you are good to proceed with the final hair dyeing.
Do A Small Patch Pilot Dye Test

Step 6: Apply The Hair Colour Over The Desired Portions

For the final hair dyeing, start applying the hair dye from the roots towards the tips of your hair. You can make use of hair clips to separate the layers of dyed hair from the non-dyed ones. Make sure you cover all the hair portions. Once this is done set the timer according to the directions mentioned on the packaging.
Apply The Hair Colour Over The Desired Portions

Step 7: Introduce Heat For Intensification

An important step in dyeing your hair blonde is to apply heat. The importance of heat is that it helps to intensify the dye colour and assists in a much deeper and strong penetration of the colour. This is especially important for people with darker and thicker hair. You can use the diffuser attachment with your hair dryer and apply it over the coloured portion. It is best to apply heat over the dyed hair for about 5 to 10 minutes. This is the sufficient duration and you don’t need to overdo it.
Introduce Heat For Intensification

Step 8: Wash And Apply Conditioner

Post heat application, you have to wash your hair thoroughly and remove every bit of the dye from your hair. Ensure that you wash your hair properly as any amount of residual colour could damage your hair. It is preferable to wash your hair after dyeing with cold water; avoid using hot water for washing and apply a light conditioner all over.
 Wash And Apply Conditioner

Step 9: Final Check And Assessment

The final step includes drying your hair and styling it as you like; do a final check and assess the dyed hair in natural light to evaluate the effect.
Final Check And Assessment