9 Natural Ways To Treat Blackheads


Blackheads are the small and dark spots on skin that are caused when the follicles or pores of the skin get blocked. Some are also yellow in color. The black mass of blackhead skin-debris consists of sebum/oil, bacteria and skin debris or keratin squamae. Many-a-times the blackheads are formed prior to the formation of acne and if not treated and removed early go on to form the bigger and more wide-sized acne that are difficult to treat and remove. The black heads may also grow to form a pustule or pimple.

Mostly, blackheads and acne get formed during the first stages of puberty. Excess secretion of androgens and sex hormones leads to excess secretion of oils and sebum which makes the skin prone to acne. Blackheads have open pores that allow entrance of air in comparison to whiteheads that have closed pores. The dark colour of blackheads is because of the oxidation of melanin. There are many natural ways through which you can remove and treat blackheads and also lower their size and recurrences. These are inexpensive and easy ways to treat the blackheads at home itself.

Here Are 9 Natural Ways To Treat Blackheads

Egg Whites

Egg whites have a number of amino-acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals that provide your skin nutrition and tighten the skin pores so that further blackhead expansion and formation is prevented. To use the remedy, clean your face and apply a thin egg-white layer on your skin. Apply around 5 layers of egg-white and each layer should be applied when the first layer dries completely. After an hour, wash your face with clean water. You can do the remedy 2 times every week.

Egg White


Honey treats your blackheads by killing the bacterial pathogens that accumulate inside it. Raw honey also has anti-oxidants that improve the health of skin and provide for faster cure of blackheads and acne. Just tap honey on the blackhead (use your finger or cotton ball) affected parts and let it sit for 30 minutes or so. Later wash with clean water.



This is the most extreme measure for removing blackheads. Get a soft bristle toothbrush (do not use your daily toothbrush and get a new one for the treatment). Pour some amount of lemon juice on to it and some (2 drops) of natural oil like neem or jojoba. Scrub the blackheads with this fluid soaked brush in a very gentle way in round and circular motions. You can clean the brush in between, reapply the fluids and start cleaning again. See to it that no cuts and scratches on skin are treated this way. Do the treatment only once a week. See to it that your eyes do not get affected and come in contact with the toothbrush.


Cosmetic Clay

Cosmetic clays like Fuller’s Earth, French Green, Bentonite and Rhassoul are the most efficient ways to treat blackheads. To treat the blackheads this way, combine a spoon of clay with a spoon of apple cider vinegar or pure and clean water and stir and mix to get a paste. Apply the paste on the whole face (do not let the eyes be affected or touched by the paste) or apply it on the skin areas that have blackheads. Let the clay dry for around 25 to 30 minutes and then wipe it off by using a wet and lukewarm washcloth.

Fuller’s Earth

Nutmeg And Butter Milk

Nutmeg clears the excess oil from the skin pores and provides for smooth and soft skin. Butter milk has lactic acids that exfoliates your old skin cells and provides you shiny and lustrous skin. Combine the two ingredients in adequate quantities so that you get a moderately thin paste. Apply the paste on the blackhead areas after cleaning your skin first. Be very gentle while doing so. Let the substances sit for 5 minutes and then wash with clean water.


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has astringents and acids that shrink your skin pores and remove the excess oily secretions and sebum from the skin-surface. To treat your blackheads with lemon juice, squeeze a raw lemon in a bowl and apply the juice on your blackheads by using a cotton ball. Do the remedy before going to bed at night. In morning wash your face with clean water and apply a moisturizer. Never go out in the sun after applying lemon juice to skin as it can be very harmful for your skin. If you have to, then clean your face first and apply a sunscreen first.

Lemon Juice


Water provides for a gentler way of cleaning blackheads and you can use it for getting relief from blackheads over a period of time and for cleaning the excess oil secretions and pathogen laden fluids that emanate out of the blackheads. Gently splash water on your face two times every day with fresh and clean water and then dry using a soft cotton towel.


Do Not Stop Exercising

Do not wait for the blackheads to get removed before you start on your exercising schedule again. Sweating opens up the clogged pores of skin and provides for faster removal of blackheads and acne. If you exercise regularly then your skin will get relieved of the sebaceous accumulations and you will get a soft and shiny skin faster.


Do Not Use Topical Oils

One reason of formation of blackhead is the excess secretion of oils from the sebaceous gland. If you apply topical oils on the blackhead containing skin, then the oils will further accumulate and worsen the blackhead condition. Do not use any kind of topical oil on the blackhead containing areas of face and body.