9 Must Know Primer Hacks For Boosting Makeup Finish

Well, none of us are unaware what primers are and what their purpose is. Still, for a brief introduction, primers are skin smoothing products that offer a velvety base for seamless and precise gliding of rest of the makeup products. Some women consider this step unnecessary, while some others fuss around it a little more than needed.

And the result is disastrous in both cases. No makeup is perfect makeup without proper primer application. Thus, today we have compiled 9 such primer hacks that will, from now on, completely transform your primer application habits. Have a quick read to get an edge over other women, and stand hand-in-hand with the finish that only makeup artists can offer otherwise.

1. Use Pea Sized Drop

Do not apply multiple dots of the primer and massage them on the face till absorbed. Rather, use a pea sized drop and rub it on your palm before wearing it on your face. Remember, you just need a base for build up. You need not to flood your skin for extra smoothness.

Use Pea Sized Drop
2. Use Under Sunscreen

While most women believe in wearing a primer over sunscreen, but the best base develops when the primer is used at the basic level. When used under sunscreen, the sunscreen binds with the rest of makeup. And it holds no chance to melt later, and smudge the rest of the makeup.

Use Under Sunscreen
3. Use SPF Primer

Instead of using a sunscreen separately, opt for a SPF based primer. It keeps the skin more breathable. However, remember that no product is an alternative to a broad spectrum sunblock when walking under sun. Use this tip only when you plan to spend your day under lights, and not the sun.

Use SPF Primer
4. Blend It With A Bronzer

Now this is one primer trick that rests with makeup artists. Ever wondered, how your skin glows when professionals work on it? You have the secret decoded now. Just blend the primer with a bronzer the minute you apply it on your face. It will reflect light particles later, which will impart extra glow.

Blend It With A Bronzer
5. Match The Primer’s Hue With Yours

What looks natural is what feels natural. So, if you put your hand on a coloured primer closest to your undertone, your skin will offer perfect radiance and the makeup will look far more real and glossy.

Match The Primer’s Hue With Yours
6. Consider Priming The Eyes

Not all consider priming the eyes. Which is why, not all eyes look equally smokey and brighter. Instead of applying a liner and eyeshadow right away, use a primer. It will make the makeup stick for longer, and will make fragile lash hair stronger.

7. Consider Priming The  Lips

The idea and concept is the same as that behind using an eye primer. Lip primer will keep the lip skin hydrated and super soft. It will not just hide the cracks giving the lipstick a matte finish, but will also make lips supple by gently loosening peeling layers, and replacing it with new and soft cells.

8. Consider Anti-Acne Primer

Surprised? Well yes, just like coloured primers exist, so do anti acne primers. Using a non comedogenic anti-acne primer loaded with bundles of salicylic acid and Vitamin E reduces acne bumps and inflammation. Plus, it perfectly seals their existence too. Just be careful of not dabbing more pimple remedies on your face. It might over dry the skin.

9. Apply Around Exposed Neck

To make it more natural, always apply the primer on exposed neck and add fine golden glitters over it to make the look more appealing and real.

And the above listed 9 rare primer tricks can actually give you that edge that differentiates some looks better than most others. Follow them to feel the difference.