9 Latest Clothing Trends For Curvy Women

Fashion is all about changing trends. New styles and new designs arrive every season. There are ample of styles and fabrics for every body type. However, curvy women often tend be conscious about their body types and hence are choosy in their clothing style. Here we have selected the trends of this season that will look good a curvy body. Make your pick, embrace your style and feel awesome because that’s what you are, a rocking Diva!

1. Knee Highs

The knee high boots or stockings are a trend this year. Pair them with dresses, skirts or long tops to get that sensual look. The continuous length of these materials helps give an elongated look to balance the body type. Thigh high boots and stockings give a similar effect.

Knee High

2. Wide Belts

Oversized shirts and dresses that aren’t tailorable to suit your curves, can be tamed with the help of belts. Wide belts specifically, hide the extra fabric and impart a whole new silhouette to the dress. The accessory section has came along way from plain colored leather belts to studded leather and printed fabric belts. Choose your favorite and rock the look.

Wide Belts

3. Flowy Layers

Wearing a flowy cape or kimono over a tee is another trend you can opt for. It gives a chic look without going over the top.

Flowy Layers

4. Crop Tops

Gone are the days of baggy tees. Embrace your curves with the newest trend of crop tops. Pair your favorite crop top with high waisted skirts or pants with a modest skin show. Just the right amount of showing off of your curves will give you the amazing look you deserve.

crop tops

5. Flared Dress

A dress that is fit on the bosom while flared at the hem, is your good friend. Own it, love it and embrace it. Add stripes as the print and you have found your best friend forever. You can experiment here with fabrics. With a wide variety of options available, you can always pick yours and get your desired style and look.

Flared Dress

6. Capes And Jackets

Sometimes the print choose might not flatter your body, but you can always add some color blocking layer like a jacket or cape that will balance out the harshness of print. Select a color from the print or a basic tone like black or white that will make the print look good.

Capes And Jackets

7. Rompers And Shorts

Rompers are the most talked and crazed about clothing of this season. They are the new must have wardrobe pick this year, especially for curvy women. Rompers are very accommodating for shapely figures because they are flared at the waist. You just make sure the shorts aren’t too short to ride up and you are ready to make your own fashion statement.

Rompers And Shorts

8. Print Intermix

Using different prints for upper and lower garment is yet another trend this season. Play with the prints of your choice. There aren’t any rules, just some basics that you should be aware of before making your pick. Choose prints from same color family to provide a foolproof look. Also, the prints should balance out each other in size so that they don’t distract from your curves and highlight your personality.

Print Intermix

9. Neutral Colors

Neutral tones like skin and grey are hot this season, though they never go out of style. Moreover, they offer wide variety of ways in which they can be worn. A grey colored allover suit or a nude toned cape, neutral colors are must have this season

Neutral Colors