9 Chinese Beauty Secrets You Must Know For Fairer Complexion

Woman from China exhibit that ideal complexion that most of us can kill for. Not just that their skin is white, it is even the radiance of their skin that makes them further attractive. They are the epitome of spotless beauties that have no blemishes, spots or scars on their skin whatsoever. Above all, it seems they stop aging beyond time and have the power to stay much younger than their actual age is. And believe us when we say this, a normal beauty pattern and a few handful beauty products can never give such matte flawless radiance. So, we have finally brought you a list of 9 beauty secrets straight from China that will transform your skin from the scratch, and redefine what actual beauty is.

1. Pearl Based Cleansers

While most of us believe in using pearl based face masks once in awhile, Chinese women opt for the opposite. Using pearl based face cleansers is the first thing they do in the morning. And pearl dust, when used daily, makes skin peachy and pinkish.

2. Pearl Dust Face Packs

Not just they clean their faces with pearl based morning cleansers, they always team it up with a pearl dust face mask that they prefer customizing at home, since they wear it daily. They prefer mixing mint paste, honey and raw pearl dust to make an early morning fairness face mask.

3. Rice Based Toner

None of us is unaware of the fact that toning after washing the face is important. But what Chinese women do differently than us is, they use plain and cold homemade rice water as a daily toner. Rice water adds all the needed vitamins instantly and keeps the skin glossy throughout the day.

4. Regular Face Massage

One of the main reasons that the skin of Chinese women stay velvet soft in all seasons is, they massage their face regularly. Regular face massage keeps their cells super plump and rosy by fuelling them with enough oxygen and blood.

5. Early Morning Green Tea

Chinese women make green tea their staple daily beauty step. They drink a warm cup of this antioxidant based herbal tea every morning, empty stomach. This keeps their system clear of toxic free radicals. And this maintains their cell health from within.

6. Green Tea Scrubbers

Instead of discarding the freshly used warm green tea bags as waste like us, they rather scrub their face with it. It exfoliates their skin daily and keeps it safe from dirt, sun, pollution and even extra oil. Which is why, they stay younger for longer.

7. Weekly Turmeric Face Packs

Women from China stick to a very simple rule for skin polishing and whitening, use the blessings of nature i.e. herbs. They apply homemade mild turmeric face packs once every week, without fail. This keeps bleaching their skin without harming its texture. Also, curcumin delays wrinkles by fighting off free radicals.

8. Eye Masks

Chinese women are smart enough to understand that all parts need different products. Which is why, they use eye masks to ensure they stay at bay from dark circles as well as ugly under eye puffs. And, they make their own customized eye masks at home using grounded coffee beans to increase under eye blood circulation.

9. Eye serums

They give high priority to using eye serums soon after wearing an eye mask. Just like the face needs toning after washing to ensure that the skin doesn’t inflame or sag, so does the eyes. And Chinese women prefer using an aloe based serum that can keep the under eye skin cool and hydrated.
And finally remember, nothing comes overnight. Women from China manage to attain such beautiful flawless complexion after having followed these steps all their life. You will have to be extra patient to let these secrets work well for you as well.