Seizures Epilepsy, commonly known as seizures, is a brain condition in which brain starts sending wrong signals to the body parts that result in jerking and muscle stiffening. Since seizures often go unnoticed and stay for few minutes, most people do not pay heed to them and do not seek medical attention.

Natural cures come handy during a sudden attack of seizure because they are handy. Natural cures for seizures or epilepsy seem to be the safest methods of treating this condition because they do not have side effects. Here are some of the best natural cures for seizures.

Natural Ways To Cure Seizures


Magnesium controls electric impulses sent by the brain. Studies prove that magnesium deficiency causes epilepsy in many people. Epsom salt is a good source of magnesium. Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate that treats seizures. Recommended dosage of epsom salt is one teaspoonful every morning.

epsom salt

Magnesium supplements are also available in the market easily. Magnesium in excessive amounts can lead to flushing out of other nutrients from the body. So, one should resort to foods that are rich in magnesium. Some good food sources of magnesium are spinach, almonds, cashews, etc.

Bo Tree

Native to South Asia, bo tree bears age-old ritual as well as medicinal importance. It is also a well known remedy for epilepsy. Bo tree bears figs that contain the highest amount of serotonin than any other fig. The serotonin obtained from bo tree’s figs inhibit seizures by adding up to the amount of serotonin released by nerve cells.

Violet Tree

The roots of this tree with purple flowers, native to Africa, are used to treat various psychological and physical disorders including irritation, discomfort, headache, nervousness, seizures, etc.

Violet Tree

The roots of violet tree are similar to the anticonvulsant drug ‘phenobarbitone’ and hence is good for naturally treating epilepsy.


This particular herb is used as a remedy for epilepsy primarily because of its sedative effect. Studies have also found that kava accelerates the success results of conventional anti-epilepsy medications. However, prior consultation with a medical practitioner is must since kava interferes with certain medications like those for Parkinson’s disease. It also results in muscle spasms, liver failure and hepatitis.

False Pepper

This particular herb, native to India, is a well known remedy for various conditions such as rheumatism, skin diseases, parasites, stomach difficulties, psychological problems, and tumors, apart from epilepsy.

False Pepper

The active component in false pepper is embelin that has strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumor and antifertility properties. Embelin is derived from quinone that are known for their amazing anticonvulsant properties. Therefore, it is highly recommended for treatment of seizures.


It is considered to be a good remedy for epilepsy chiefly because of its anti-convulsive properties. However, long-term use of valerian may pose threat to your health starting with mild conditions like sleeplessness, headache, uneasiness, etc. Besides, valerian interferes with other medications. It is better to consult your doctor before including valerian in your epilepsy treatment regime.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is often related to seizures. So, one should drink as much fluid as possible because fluids would account for normal functioning of crucial body organs. Besides, lack of fluids in the body result in decreased sodium levels which on the other hand cause the brain cells to swell. This is the precursor of seizures.

drink buttermilk for skin

You can also drink milk since milk contains calcium. Calcium, being a natural electrolyte, enable the muscles to function normally. It also aids in blood coagulation as well as nerve conduction. Coconut milk is also a good alternative. When it comes to drinking juice to discard dehydration for curing seizures, ash gourd juice seems the fittest.


It enhances the epileptic person’s mental capacity and improves the coordination as well as functioning of nervous system. Hence, it is considered to be a great remedy for seizure. In addition, garlic has other benefits for your overall health. The best way to use garlic as a remedy for seizure is to crush some fresh garlic cloves and put it in boiling water. Pour some milk into it and drink this mixture at least a day for better results.


Vitamins are crucial part of natural treatment of epilepsy. Vitamins are required to inhibit the conventional anticonvulsant drugs from draining other vital nutrients from the body. Regular intake of anticonvulsant drugs put essential nutrient levels like those of calcium, folate, biotin, and vitamins D and K at stake. One should supplement their diet with folate (vitamin B9) since anticonvulsant drugs reduce folate levels and increase levels of homocysteine, thereby posing threat to heart health.

Vitamins From Vegetables

Folate is also needed by pregnant women who are on anticonvulsant drugs that may lead to birth defects in the unborn child. Some good sources of folate are liver, roasted soybeans, sunflower seeds and leafy greens. At the same time, anticonvulsant drugs increase the risk of osteoporosis. To counter the effects, one should suppelement the diet with calcium and vitamin D.

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