9 Best Maybelline Baby Lips

Best Maybelline Baby Lips

Maybelline has a variety of lip balms that can match up to the taste and preference of everybody. First and foremost, we all need to accept that usage of lip balm is not to enhance the beauty of the lips, but to ensure that your lips are moisturized so that you can feel comfortable and confident. Maybelline baby lips can match to the taste and preference of each and every girl, who prefers to look natural and beautiful. Few of the shades are loved by many around the globe and hence, they are popular than that of the others.

The Very Popular Shades Are Discussed Below:

1. Rose Addict

If you are willingly to make your lips look naturally pinkish then this is the right baby lips for you. If you notice the lip balm in the case then you may think that it would be dark, but it’s not. This is very slight pink and hence, your lips look pink and at the same time, you can say good bye to dryness for hours to come. The scent of this one is very mild and pleasant, but this doesn’t smell like rose.

2. Cherry Me

This baby lips has a different packaging then that of the other lip balms. This will give you a mild orange look to your lips and you can be rest assured that your lips won’t bleed orange, even if you rub it multiple times against your lips. The packaging of this baby lips is attractive and this is best suited for travel. The texture of this baby lips is thinner and hence, you can use this beneath your matte lipstick, to ensure that your lips has sufficient moisture.

3. Tangerine Pop

If you are looking for a lip balm that can make your lips look fuller, then this is the right one. The smell of this baby lips is fruity and hence, it will make you feel fresh. If you notice this in the case then you will be able to notice shimmers, but the shimmers aren’t much visible on the lips. This offers orange shade to your lips and hence, this can easily replace your lipstick. To add on to all the benefits, this also has SPF 16 in it and hence, your lips can be protected from the sun.

4. Neon Rose

Don’t go by the name as this just offers pink color, and not neon. Looking at the pack, you may think that rubbing this against your lips would give it a bright pink color, but that’s not true. This offers light pink color, but you can brighten the color by rubbing the lip balm multiple times.

5. Peach Kiss

As the name suggests, this smells completely like a peach. If you like peach then you may feel like eating the lip balm. If you are a minimal makeup lover then you are going to fall in love with this. This will moisturize your lips and at the same time, it offers a sheen look on your lips. If you want your lips to look different and sexy, then you can apply this over your matte lipstick so that your lips can look shiner and colorful too. The moisturizing property of this baby lips is less as compared to other lip balms.

6. Mango Pie

You can enjoy the smell of the mango throughout the day, if you are going to use this baby lips. If you apply this in the morning then you can be rest assured that your lips would be moisturized till afternoon. To add on, this also has SPF 20 in it and hence, the shiny sun will not cause your lips to pigment.

7. Minty Sheer

If you look at the color of this lip balm then you will not be excited to give a try to this one. As the name suggests, you can be rest assured that it will give a sheer look to your lips and it will not leave any green color on your lips. This is very mild and hence, you may not like it if you have extremely dry lips.

8. Soothing Cherry

This offers a baby pink color to your lips. If you don’t take the efforts to notice it then you will miss the color. The lip balms smells like cherry and it tastes slightly sweet too.

9. Anti-Oxidant Berry

If you hate colors on your lips then this one is meant for you. It is completely tinted and hence, this acts like a moisturizer only. This will smoothly glide on the surface of your lips. Most of the plain lip balms leave a white residue on the sides of your lips, but this one is different and you will fall in love with it.