9 Amazing Benefits Of Skipping Exercises

9 Amazing Benefits Of Skipping Exercises

Skipping exercises are fun for most women, but do you know that they offer a tremendous range of health benefits as well, which include both your physical and mental aspects. Even boxers, gymnasts and other professional sportspersons use these exercises to improve their agility, flexibility, focus, endurance, strength, muscle mass and fitness. There is an array of other health benefits as well. You are advised to do a little bit of warm up, such as arms and leg stretching, before doing skipping exercises. Also, you should start with low-jump workout at a slower pace and then increase the speed and the length of jump gradually. For best health benefits, stick to low to moderate jumping. Doing skipping exercise regularly can offer you following nine amazing health benefits.

Doing Skipping Exercise Regularly Can Offer You Following Nine Amazing Health Benefits.

1. Improves Brain Health

Since skipping exercises involve strategy, rhythm and co-ordination, they improve the cognitive functioning of your brain. While other exercises focus mainly on physical aspects, skipping exercises require you to be mentally alert, focused and balanced, which eventually helps in improving your brain health.

 Improves Brain Health

2. Increases Bone Density

Unlike running, here, since both your legs absorb the impact of each jump, moderate skipping exercises put lesser pressure on your joints, but at the same time, the kind of impact it leaves on your hips, ankles, feet, calf muscles and knees helps in increasing your bone density as well. You are advised not to jump higher than necessary. A good rule is to keep the jump just around one inch off the floor. By improving bone density, skipping exercises can thus minimize the risks of osteoporosis as well.

Increases Bone Density

3. Helps In Weight Loss

When it comes to burning calories, very few exercises are as effective as are skipping exercises. Even if you jump moderately, you can easily burn ten to fifteen calories per minute. Do three sets of 10-minute moderate jumping on skipping rope and you will end up burning around 500 calories in only 30 minutes. Thus, if you are overweight, skipping exercises can be a simple yet very effective way to lose weight.

Helps In Weight Loss

4. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Just like walking and cycling, skipping rope also is a wonderful aerobic exercise. Skipping exercises offer tremendous cardio benefits. By increasing your heart rate, it actually improves your body’s ability to pump both oxygen and blood at a faster rate from your heart to the remaining parts of your body. This improved blood circulation strengthens your arteries, lungs and heart. This way, skipping exercises make your cardiovascular system much fitter and minimize the risks of diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart diseases. However, if you are already suffering from some kind of heart problems, do consult your doctor first before doing skipping exercises. It is always better to keep a heart rate monitor so that you could easily keep an eye if the increased heart rate is within the target zone recommended by your doctor or not.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

5. Good For Blood Pressure Patients

Since skipping exercises improve heart rate, increase blood circulation in your entire body and strengthen your cardiovascular health, they can be very helpful for blood pressure patients as well.

Good For Blood Pressure Patients

6. Improves The Muscle Tone

Skipping exercises involve both your upper as well as lower body, which helps in toning the muscles in your arms, shoulders, abdomen, hips, thighs and calf. The better toned muscles improve your metabolism, which further helps in burning calories even while you are resting. These exercises also improve the co-ordination between your lower and upper body. The improved agility, endurance, strength and better toned muscles, which you get through skipping exercises, will help you a lot while you are engaged in other physical activities or sports.

 Improves The Muscle Tone

7. Improves Hip Flexors

If you spend most of your day in a sitting position, this too-much sitting can lead to tighter hip flexors, which can eventually cause an array of problems, such as hip pain or lower back pain. Skipping exercises improve your hip flexors and make your hip area stronger and more flexible.

Improves Hip Flexors

8. Builds Agility And Quickness

Just a few minutes of skipping exercises everyday can go a long way in improving your agility and quickness. You will feel more energetic, fast and light on your feet. Also, since these exercises require a great deal of mental alertness, it improves your focus, co-ordination and balance. In fact, that is the reason skipping exercises are a favorite workout for most professional boxers.

Builds Agility And Quickness

9. Improves Flexibility

If you do low to moderate skipping exercises even for just a few minutes daily, it can also improve your body’s flexibility to a great extent. That is why even professional gymnasts do skipping exercises as their favorite workout.


For better benefits to your brain and body’s health, you should practice different versions of skipping rope jump, such as single leg jumps, cross jumps and double jumps. This will make the exercise more entertaining and more beneficial as well, especially to your brain because variations would require you to be more alert, focused and balanced.