9 African Beauty Makeup And Fitness Secrets


African women are known for the wrinkle and age free skin that they possess. If you haven’t met or noticed African women then you may be confused about this fact. African women aren’t known popularly for the beauty secrets that they possess but you will be desperate to find their beauty secrets after you meet up with any African women. They put in a lot of efforts so that they can look beautiful and also stay in shape. You don’t need to go there to discover these secrets, you can read the below article to understand the African beauty, makeup and fitness secrets.

List Of  9 African Beauty, Makeup And Fitness Secrets

Beauty Secrets Of African Women

Macadamia Oil

You may use plenty of oils and moisturizers to hydrate your skin. Macadamia is cultivated in the country and it is also a part of their regular diet. Oil is extracted so that it can be used by women for beauty purpose. You can get rid of all the dryness and flakiness with the help of this oil. A single drop of oil will add shine and glow to your skin. They use shower gels that contain Macadamia oil so that the skin can be moisturized and at the same time, it doesn’t look oily.


Raw Cane Sugar Scrub

All the beautiful women from all over the world are well aware of the fact that sugar scrub is one of the best exfoliators that can be used on their skin. The Africans use cane sugar scrub. This helps them to get rid of the adamant dry cells and dead cells on their skin. They ensure that they use this cane sugar body scrub at least twice in a week so that they can continue to have their glowing skin.

Sugar Scrub

Marula Oil

This is one of the tribal beauty secrets. This oil is used by the tribal women in South Africa so that they can restore the beauty that is lost with age. Marula oil contains anti-oxidants and hence, this helps them to fight against the signs of aging. Most of the African beauties apply this oil on their face, before going to bed, leave it on the skin for 20 minutes and then they wash off their face with lukewarm water. This oil works on their skin for a long time and at the same time, the oiliness on the skin can also be avoided.

marula oil

Makeup Secrets Of African Women

No Makeup

Africans have a dark skin and hence, they give lot of importance to the health of their skin rather than that of the beauty. Girls don’t apply any makeup till they turn 17 and this helps them to have a flawless, beautiful and glowing skin.

no makeup

Beauty Regime

As a part of their beauty and makeup regime, African females ensure that they follow a beauty regime strictly so that all the dirt and dust which has been settled on their skin can be wiped off. They cleanse their skin on daily basis and apply toner to their skin. Even after a long tiring day, they follow their beauty regime so that they don’t give way to problems like pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. Regular usage of toner also reduces the size of the open pores on the skin.


Foundation And Concealer

African women use a concealer and foundation so that they can hide the flaws on their skin. Concealer is something that they cannot give it a miss at any cost. This helps them to look flawless. If they are going out for any special occasion then they apply a foundation that blends well with their skin tone. They don’t try to change their skin tone with lighter shades of foundation but they just try to make their skin look flawless.


Fitness Secrets Of African Women


Just ensure that the body is hydrated, they drink at least 10 glasses of water. They believe that this is one of the best ways by which they can flush away the toxins in their body. Flushing of toxins helps them to have a shiny and glowing skin. Apart from that, excess water consumptions also help them to have a flab less body.



Instead of palm oil or sesame oil, African use olive oil or sunflower oil in the kitchen. These oils contain lesser amount of unsaturated fats and hence, they don’t gain unhealthy weight and at the same time, this also helps them to stay away from heart diseases.

Olive oil


Sun bath is something that most of the African females believe in. They ensure that they go for sunbath at least once in every 15 days. This kills the bad bacteria on the skin and at the same time, it also keeps skin problems like eczema and body acne at bay. sunbath