8 Ways To Use Mint Leaves To Fade Acne Scars

8 Ways To Use Mint Leaves To Fade Acne Scars

The most disturbing thing about acne is the annoying scars that are left behind on the skin once acne breakouts have healed. Though our skin has its own healing process which helps in clearing those unsightly scars after a period of few months but not many people seem to be willing to wait that long to get clear and spot free skin. Finding a remedy that erases acne scars overnight is impossible but there are many natural ingredients that promise to lighten acne scars by amplifying skin’s natural healing process.

A lot many people love to grow mint leaves in their home gardens for culinary purposes. What they don’t know is that these leaves are packed with certain active ingredients such as salicylic acid and vitamin C that are used in most of the scar reducing potions available in the market. Salicylic acid is of great significance in clearing acne scars. It works by exfoliating dead skin on the scars to reveal clear skin. Take a look at the following ways to incorporate mint leaves in your regimen for reducing acne scars.

1. Mint Leaves With Coconut Water

Take a bunch of freshy plucked mint leaves and wash them in cold water a couple of times to eliminate soil. Grind these leaves into a fine paste with mortar and pestle. Stir one tablespoon of coconut water into the mint paste
and mix it evenly. Smear this solution on scar prone areas of your face and wait for twenty minutes. Wipe the mint and coconut water paste from your face and splash your face with cold water.

Mint Leaves With Coconut Water

2. Mint Leaves With Milk

Puree eight to ten mint leaves. Mix this paste with one tablespoon of raw milk. Using a clean applicator cover the acne spots with this mixture and let it work on the problem areas for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash your face with cold water after the mixture has dried and starts to flake off. Dab some drops of scar reducing hydrating serum on your face.

Mint Leaves With Milk

3. Mint Leaves With Lemon Juice

Crush a handful of mint leaves into a coarse paste. Put this paste in a small bowl and squeeze juice of one halved lemon. Dab this infusion over problem areas on clean face and give it about fifteen minutes to fade scars on your face. Wipe away the mixture with a damp tissue and wash your face thoroughly. You can use this remedy twice a week at the most to lessen the appearance of scars.

Mint Leaves With Lemon Juice

4. Mint Leaves With Rice Water

Prepare a coarse paste of ten to fifteen mint leaves by grinding it in mortar and pestle. Soak one tablespoon of rice in two tablespoons of cold water for an hour. Stir the rice with a spoon to release its nutrients into the water. Drain the excess water into a clean bowl. Mix crushed mint leaves with one tablespoon of rice water and apply it on troubled areas on your face. Let the mixture dry for fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash off. You can use this mixture every other day to get rid of acne marks from your face.

Mint Leaves With Rice Water

5. Mint Leaves With Honey

Grind eight to ten sprigs of fresh mint leaves into a fine paste. Put this paste in a small bowl and dribble one teaspoon of raw honey over the mint paste. Stir the mixture well and apply it on acne spots on your face. Wash the paste off from your face with cold water when it starts to flake off from your skin. Moisturize with a hydrating lotion.

Mint Leaves With Honey

6. Mint Leaves With Aloe Vera Gel

Cut open one aloe vera leaf and scrape off the gel. Place the gel pieces in a clean bowl and smash them with a fork to make it runny. Coarsely grind seven to eight sprigs of mint leaves and mix the paste with aloe vera gel. Cover the spots and marks on your face with this mixture and let it stay on for half an hour. Once the mixture starts to dry rub it off with your finger tips to exfoliate the darkened areas. Splash your face with cold water to get rid of any traces of the mixture.

Mint Leaves With Aloe Vera Gel

7. Mint Leaves With Oats

Soak a teaspoon of oats in two teaspoons of water for ten minutes. Grind a bunch of mint sprigs into a coarse paste and mix it with soaked oats. Whie mixing the mint paste with oats there is no need to discard the water. Dab this mixture over scar prone areas and wait for half an hour before removing it. Scrub off the mixture from your face and wash your face with water.

Mint Leaves With Oats

8. Mint Leaves With Green Tea

Prepare green tea as you normaly do. Reserve one tablespoon of the tea for fading acne marks and consume the remaining tea. Let the reserved tea infusion cool. In the meantime make a paste of six to eight sprigs of mint. Add this paste to the cooled tea and stir well. Dab the infusion over acne scars. Wait for half an hour and wash your face with cold water. Moisturise your face with non- comedogenic moisturiser.

Mint Leaves With Green Tea