8 Ways To Highlight Your Brown Eyes

8 Ways To Highlight Your Brown Eyes Brown eyes can look mesmerizing and beautiful if you choose the right makeup to accentuate them. Using eye makeup tools like eyeshadows, eyeliner and mascara make your brown eyes pop. Whether you opt for dark smoky eyes or simple neutral makeup, highlighting your brown eyes is quite easy as there are lots of colors that complement the brown color. From neutral shades like gold, bronze and black to vibrant colors like green and purples, brown eyes can be highlighted with a myriad of colors. Here are eight ways to highlight brown eyes with some simple makeup tricks

How to Highlight Brown Eyes

Using Shimmer Eyeshadows

Shimmery eyeshadows and metallic colors like golden, bronze and gold are the perfect for complementing brown eyes. The shimmer in these eyeshadows makes the eyes look more vibrant and beautiful.

8 Ways To Highlight Your Brown Eyes

Make sure that the shimmer is not too much else it can lead to fallout and messy eye makeup. Take a shimmer eyeshadow and apply it all over the lid. Apply a matte eyeshadow in a complementary color in the crease and outer corner to define your eyes.

Choosing the Perfect Color

Choosing the perfect color for brown eyes is not difficult. Based on the shade of brown your eyes are you can choose the eyeshadow and other eye makeup colors accordingly.

Ideally colors like dark blue, brown, black, purple, violets are the perfect colors for Brown eyes. If you have light brown eyes then aqua and green colors can also complement your eyes.

Smoky Brown Eyes

Brown eyes can be accentuated with smoky eye makeup. To create smoky eye makeup you will need a dark black or brown eyeshadow along with a black eyeliner, a smudging brush and highlighter.

8 Ways To Highlight Your Brown Eyes

Apply a thick line above your lashes and then using a smudging brush, smudge the line. Apply dark black or brown eyeshadow on top. Using a highlighter under your brow bone, blend the eyeshadow. Apply mascara and kajal to finish your smoky eye makeup.

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Neutral Colors for Brown Eyes

For a casual look apply neutral eyeshadows in shades of taupe, bronze, brown and gold. Apply a neutral shade of eyeshadow on the lids followed by dark matte shadow in the outer corner and the crease.

Use Highlighter for Eyes

Use a light highlighter shade in shimmery white or beige to highlight the inner corner of the eyes and under the brow bone.

Use Eyeliner to Highlight Brown Eyes

Eyeliners are the perfect way to accentuate your eyes when you are in a hurry. Whether you use it for a casual outing in the day or a timeout at night, eyeliners can create the perfect look in just a matter of minutes.

8 Ways To Highlight Your Brown Eyes

Choose neutral colors like black, charcoal or brown for daytime. For a fun look in the evenings use shimmer eyeliners in shades like metallic blue, lavender, forest green, gold and purple.

To create a daytime look using eyeliners apply a thin line of liner on the lash line slowly thickening it out at the outer corners. For evening makeup apply the liner and smudge it with a smudging brush to give a smoky look.

Eyeliner on Lower Lash Line

Add a pop of color to your eyes by lining your lower lash line with a bright color like green, purple or blue. You can pair with neutral eye makeup on your lids.

With Mascara

Mascara helps in accentuating and adding volume to the lashes. Choose neutral colored mascara which provides extra volume and length to the lashes.

8 Ways To Highlight Your Brown Eyes

Apart from black, mascaras are also available in various colors like blue and purple. Based on your eye makeup you can select the mascara of your choice.

With these simple makeup tips and tricks you can soon highlight your brown eyes and make them look beautiful. Although eye makeup may seem difficult with practice you will soon be able to perfect it.