8 Ways To Get Rid Of Split Ends Without Getting A Haircut


How would you feel after months and years of getting no haircut and still getting those undesirable and unwanted split ends! It gets extremely dissatisfying when you plan for the amazing long. Lustrous and sizzling hair and the hairstylist suggest you to have a haircut due to the split end. Surely the haircuts would leave you with amazing voluminous, damage free and gorgeous looking hair but who would like to have that while compromising with the length of the hair?

This is the dilemma every girl faces when the cycle of the haircut, hair growth and hair damage repeats and she never gets the desired long and beautiful hair. But you would be amazed to know that haircut is not the single option for getting rid of the spilt ends. There are amazing natural remedies through which you can get amazing long, silky and velvety smooth hair which are damage and slit end free. Don’t believe us? Try any of these amazing remedies regularly and we bet you would not step into the salon this time for a haircut to get rid of the split ends and damaged hair.

Below Are The Ways To Get Rid Of Split Ends Without Getting A Haircut:

1. Use This Amazing Avocado And Oil Treatment

We understand your love towards the stunning lengthy and attractive hair and here is a promising remedy which can make your hair split ends free within few applications. Get coconut oil and olive oil and mix it with the crushed avocados. Let this mixture settle for a while. Not apply this mixture on your hair while focusing more on the tips of your hair which are damaged. Let this amazing mask work on your hair for few hours. Until your entire hair soaks the oil do not wash the hair. After few hours get this mask rinsed with mild shampoo and condition them.


2. Use The Egg Mask

The eggs are filled with the essential nutrients which would never fail to work wonders on your hair. If you have immensely damaged hair with split ends, you can use this awesome remedy. Prepare a mask with egg yolk, olive oil and honey. Now apply this mask on your entire hair and more on the ends which are dying due to lack of nourishment. Keep this mask on your hair for few hours and you can also pack it with a plastic wrap for more effective results. Wash the hair after few hours and within few applications you will find your hair more stunning, damage free and lustrous.

Egg white with Vinegar

3. Awesome Coconut Mask And Massage Treatment

If you want your amazing hair to rescue from the damaging split ends, try this amazing remedy and get rid of the split ends naturally. Warm up some coconut oil an when it gets a bit luke warm, apply it on the hair while massaging it mildly on the roots to the tips. Cover the ends very importantly and completely to get the best advantages from this mask. Not cover your hair with a plastic cap of you can keep this mask overnight. Wash with a mild shampoo and condition. Se this remedy regularly and get flawless hair soon.


4. Fish Oil And Almond Oil Remedy

If you think why the fish oil is used everywhere, the answer to this are the amazing skin and health benefits it provides. The fish oil is extremely nutritional and would provide nourishment to your undernourished and damaged hair. open up the fish oil capsules and mix the oil with the almond oil and massage your hair and ends with this amazing mixture. Keep the mask and then rinse with shampoo.


5. Honey Olive Oil Treatment

This mask with miraculous and promising results would make your hair dazzle. If you love the beautiful and stunning voluminous look of the hair, try this mask and get that cool hair. mix some olive oil and honey and apply it on the split ends and the hair. leave in this amazing mask to work on your damaged hair for few hours and the rinse.


6. Use The Live In Conditioners

Live in conditioners provide the best solution to the hair while working on the damaged parts. Select some best leave in conditioners as per your hair type and use them once or twice a week and get beautiful hair soon. With regular usage of this remedy, you would be able to notice a fine difference in your hair.

Deep Conditioner

7. Select A Proper Comb

Combs are the most amazing equipments which can transform your entire hair. try using the wide tooth hairbrushes and combs which can add up volume and reduce damage. Using the correct brushes would help you to manage and maintain your amazing voluminous and desirable hair.

Comb your hair carefully

8. Do Not Use Hairstyling Tools Frequent

The hairstyling tools are the basic and most witnessed reason for hair damage. If your hair is frequently styled and heated, they are more open towards damage. Do not use many harsh and heating tools on your hair regularly. Also when you use the hairstyling tools, use the products and serums which would serve less damage to your hair.