8 Tips For A Healthy Summer


Most of us tend to get worried when summer is around the corner. While some of the people like the weather sunny, most of them don’t like being fried under the scorching sun.While summer might be a fun time for some, it is also the most frustrating time for some. A lot of concerns are associated with this season. Health issues are the biggest concern to be precise. Many health disorders attribute their origin to this season. One needs to be extra cautious when it comes to maintaining health in this season.

Here Are Useful Tips That Might Just Come Handy While You’re Gearing Up To Beat The Heat

Stay Hydrated

The biggest problem associated with the summer season is the dehydration. Summers are obviously hot and human body is definitely going to sweat profusely. This results in loss of large quantities of water and salt thereby dehydrating the human body. Thus one needs to drink a lot of water during summers. To be precise, one could start off with drinking three glasses of water early in the morning and regularly keep drinking water.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Cool

The heat is indeed irritating especially with our body sweating a lot, it is only going to make the plight worse. Hence staying cool matters. Stay indoors as much as possible during the second and third quarters of the day because this is when the sun is at its maximum scorching limit. Choose means like cooler or fans that make sure you don’t sweat.


Stay Hygienic

Lots of sweating means lots of germs. Especially during summers, human bodies are more prone to risks of being attacked by germs. It becomes essential to maintain hygiene and keep the body fresh. Bathing at least twice a day is advisable to keep the sticky sweat off your body. Besides it is also going to keep you fresh mentally. Washing hands frequently is another aspect that shouldn’t be neglected.


Stay Nutritious

Summers churn out major amounts of energy from the human body. Humans tend to get tired easily during summers due to this. Hence it becomes imperative that we keep our energy resources filled. Having food rich in nutrients are essential. Fruits that are both cool and nutritious are the ones preferable. One could also go for cool fresh fruit juices to beat the summer heat!


Stay Aptly Clothed

The choice of clothes is very vital during summer. You cannot go with the clothes made of nylon or other synthetic fibres. There are mainly two reasons for this. Firstly they cannot absorb the sweat that is percolated out of the skin pores. Secondly these kind of fibres are very irritating and prove to be an uncomfortable wear during summers. The choice of fabric is crucial. Cotton is the best natural fibre you could wear as it has the ability to absorb large amounts of sweat and can also keep you cool throughout the day.


Take Care Of The Skin

Summer is that time in the year when the sun gets totally ruthless and is scorching at it’s maximum. So tanning is an obvious aftermath of this. One must take care of their tender skin by applying suitable sunscreen lotions with high SPF. Even the lips need immense care as it may dry out resulting in peeling off of the skin. Keep the lips and the skin moisturised. Other skin diseases might also occur due to accumulation of sweat is some parts of the body. The sweat must be frequently dabbed out to prevent these diseases.


Take Early Morning Walks

The heat of the summer might force most of the people to stay indoors. Not many prefer to go out in the sun. Nevertheless staying back in home makes one lethargic. Hence taking early morning strolls is a good thing to do as it will be comparatively cooler in the mornings. Besides it will also freshen up your mind and keep you active for the day.


Regular Workouts A Must

As mentioned earlier, one gets lethargic during summers. It is imperative that you do your regular workouts to keep you healthy. When I say workouts I don’t mean that you should compulsorily visit a gym. You could do other activities staying back at home. You could practice yoga or could also do aerobatics. Other than this you could also go for cycling or play your favorite sport. The motto is to keep you active and healthy. Don’t forget to bathe thoroughly though!


Well all said and done, we wish you a happy healthy Summer!