8 Super Vegetables For Long And Thick Hair

Good news that all of us are born with a crown. Nature has endowed us with this glory. Combining these two sentences we may arrive at “Crowning Glory” – our hair. We fondly call them as stresses, silky bounce, soft curls, locks and the list is never ending. Yet, we find that hair loss is more than the growth. Loss is attributed to many factors such as serious and prolonged illness, damage to hair due to use of harsh chemicals present in hair colors, shampoos or even inadequate food vitamins and nutrients. Medical Science states that one lac hair is the approximate count that is present on our scalp. It is believed that shedding 50-100 strands every day is normal. At the same time a single hair takes about one and a half months to grow. Here is the bad news – for a count of 50 hairs falling every day, the growth rate is just about one hair for one and a half months. We certainly need to do away with the bad news.Prevention of hair loss can be achieved through proper hair care and following the right diet plan, eating healthy while reducing stress and anxiety. Diet plans for hair growth is often prescribed with vegetables that aid in hair growth.

1. Spinach

Brittle hair is often attributed to dry hair which breaks easily when combed and it is a sign of being in poor health. Exposure to external environment often leads to brittle hair. Vitamin A is best recommended to fight brittle hair. Spinach is a wonder green that comes in a pack of Vitamin A, iron, folate and Vitamin C. This green wealth helps to retain moisture and prevents hair from becoming brittle. [1] 

2. Sweet Potatoes

Dry hair is often attributed to less oil presence in the scalp. Sebum is an oily fluid made by the glands on the scalp, which helps to prevent hair from drying and becoming brittle. Vitamin A is best recommended to maintain the sebum secretion. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene and promote shiny hair. [2] 

3. Carrots

Hair thinning is a problem commonly found in women across all age groups. High levels of stress and anxiety, depression are causes of hair thinning. Carrots contain Vitamin B7 or popularly known as biotin that help to strengthen hair root and helps in hair regrowth. Lack of biotin may also be due to consumption of raw egg whites on a daily basis for a prolonged time. This needs to be corrected by introducing biotin rich vegetables such as the carrots. [3] 

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are everybody’s favorite. They are considered as fruit and vegetable and are categorized
as convenient foods. Rich in antioxidants, tomatoes play a very large role in promoting hair growth. They help to fight cell damaging cells in the body, in disease fighting and hence any loss of hair can be prevented by consuming tomatoes either raw in salads or slightly cooked or grilled. [4] 

5. Potatoes

Potatoes supply the required potassium, iron and zinc for hair growth. A strong hair root or follicle is the best answer to prevent hair loss. Potassium in potatoes are much higher than in bananas. Post recovery from a serious illness, potassium is recommended for overall recovery. Hair fall is rapid during sickness and consuming potatoes give the strength to build stamina and promotes hair growth also at a faster rate. [5] 

6. Beet Roots

Beetroots are a favorite when damaged cells have to be restored. Under stress conditions you may notice a large quantity of hair loss, it is best to drink beet juice. Often it is contested that beetroots may not be a direct stimulant for hair growth, but since they help to restore damaged cells and supply the right nutrients, beets indirectly promote to protect hair fall. Beetroot juice with carrots and spinach and a squeeze of lime is an excellent answer to stop hair fall. [6] 
. Beet Roots

7. Onions

Sulphur aids in  removing dead skin. Clogged poresdue to dead skin  often do not allow for air circulation on the scalp and this leads to very dull and thin hair. Onions and Sulphur are inseparable. Consuming onions is highly recommended for unclogging the pores preventing hair growth. The best recommended use of onions for hair growth is to extract the juice and using cotton pads, apply the juice on your scalp. Leave this on your scalp for about 20 minutes and wash with a mild baby shampoo. [7] 

8. Beans And Lentils

Zinc is essential in treating severe head injuries. The human body requires zinc for a well balanced growth and maintenance in only small portions. Legumes and beans contain the required quantity of zinc. Hair growth is stimulated due to zinc protecting the hair follicle and hence making the roots of the hair strong. They contain iron too and can be included in your diet plan once a week. [8] 

Beans And Lentils