8 Simple Yoga Poses That Can Be Easily Done In The Office

8 Simple Yoga Poses That Can Be Easily Done In The Office

Yoga is one of the trending exercise or workout routine which has a great impact on our body and can benefit different body areas. Nowadays, due to hectic and an immobile lifestyle where we have to sit in front of pout laptops and mobiles, it is extremely challenging to keep fit! In such cases, yoga can be an exciting and beneficial workout which will easily help you in fighting weight gain, obesity and several diseases! If you are a beginner to yoga, start with some awesome yoga poses which you can perform at your office while sitting on your desk, chair and can during your breaks! This will simply keep you healthy and stay active throughout the day!

1. Seated Crescent Moon Pose

This is one of the best relaxing pose which you can consider at your office. If you want an easy and flexible pose for which you don’t need any extra space and can perform easily, go for this pose! Sit on your desk straight, and also keep your legs straight. Join your hands in the ceiling direction and bend towards left side. Keep your hands over your head and bend until you get an awesome stretch on your sides, back and neck! This will relax your nerve endings and will ease your back, shoulder, neck and different upper body muscles!

2. Side To Side Neck Rotations

Neck rotations are one of the best workouts to soothe you senses and to get flexibility. We all get tired due to extreme work and sitting in from of the computers for all the day long. In such cases, your neck and back specially get affected. To get these areas flexible and easy, perform the neck rotations. Sit on your chair straight and bend your neck on the left side. In the clockwise direction, rotate your neck and ease it. Perform for the anti clockwise direction and make your neck completely flexible!

3. Chair Pigeon Pose

If you want to allow some movements and want to allow blood circulation in our lower and upper body, here is an awesome pose which you must try. Sit on your chair with one leg hanging downwards while keep your other leg folded on the knee of the other leg. Stretch your leg towards your belly and tuck it in! Perform this for both the legs and you will feel quite easy after performing this cool yoga pose for a 5 minute break!

Chair Pigeon Pose

4. Seated Toe Touch Stretch

Make your legs stretched and give some smoothness and flexibility to your upper body with this awesome workout! While you get a 5 minute break from your hectic schedule, sit straight on the chair. Extend both your legs in front of you and touch your toes with both your hands. This stretch will make your body super stretched and will benefit the areas like back, neck, arms, leg, hips and more! To stay fresh and energetic at your workplace, this is the best move you can try!

Seated Toe Touch Stretch

5. Chair Squats

If you are looking for the workouts which can not only relax your body but can also help in toning you lower body, here is an awesome workout or yoga pose which you can try! The sitting and standing pose or chair squats can have a great impact on your lower body and will fill you with energy! For this pose, sit on your chair with a crisp and tight posture. Stand up and sit down again! Perform this repeatedly for best results and to help your body circulate some blood!

Chair Squats

6. Standing Twists

When you sit for hours and hours in the same position, your body gets tired and can also cause pain. To prevent this issue, you must perform some moves which will regulate blood supply in different parts of your body ad will also keep you healthy! For flexibility and to get your upper body relaxed. Perform the standing twists. Stan up straight and hold your waist with both the hands. Now perform the side twists while twisting your body to the left side end! Perform for both sides and feel the stretch!

7. Desk Pushups

If you love pushups; you can also perform this high impact workout at your office, in your office break, keep your ands straighten the desk and perform the slow pushup movements. This will give amazing results and will help in stretching your upper body effectively!

8. Wrist And Finger Stretches

While we target each and every part of the body, consider this amazing yoga pose to allow blood flow in the tiny fingers and wrists. If you feel your wrists and palms get jammed, this is due to low movements and stress. Relax your wrists by performing the wrist rotations, finger stretching in the backward and front direction!